How Tech Tools Enable Legal as a Service for Law Firms


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Let’s look at how to design Legal as a Service for law firms to generate low-overhead revenue from a more diverse client base. 

Firms might consider a pre-paid legal services type of membership model. This model offers clients different service tiers based on their particular needs. 

Firms might instead prefer to compete with online legal services by offering a menu of flat rates for the typical legal needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Whichever model your firm decides to design, live chat can organize all of it for you on the front end. All you have to do after booking the client is provide the service. Here’s how:


Measurable Goal: Increase client base
How: Offer non-traditional client services to capture a wider audience
Outcome: Streamlined, customized levels of support to a diverse client base



Broaden your client base with legal as a service for law firms

Particular clients require specific levels of support in different practice segments. Using chat, you can take a multi-disciplinary approach.

Rather than requiring every client to go through the same lengthy onboarding process, you can easily segment them into the appropriate client category for more efficient, customized service.


Identify client licenses upon website log in

When you add a snippet of SnapEngage code behind client logins, clients are filtered onsite and they’ll be directed to where they need to go. Clients are routed automatically since client information passes onto chat.

You can assign different licenses to clients that unlock specific levels of services upon login. The specific client licenses fire different bots — or route them directly to a human. Advanced chatbot automation helps your firm exceed customer expectations and increases workflow efficiency.



Use an Answer Bot to field common queries

Answer Bots connect to a Knowledge Base of your choice via SnapEngage integrations. Answer Bots then use that Knowledge Base to send answers back to clients and field a majority of common inquiries without human assistance. 

Bots can also transfer clients with unanswered questions to wherever they need to go based on your firm’s assessment.


Route clients to the correct agent using Agent Tags

Agent Tags connect staff to specific roles. Using Agent Tags with Routing by Tag, you can assign agents to different functions and route chats according to clients’ needs.  

Create multiple tiers for your live chat agents with Priority Tiers. Priority Tiers free up staff to focus on more complex and immediate tasks and reduce visitors’ queue time. 

As chat requests increase, the system scales up to the next tier of agents, making them available when they are needed most.


Legal as a Service for law firms — Tools for Success 

Empower clients to self-help with Answer Bots
Instantly connect plan users to the correct team with Agent Tags
Sort agent and bots by who will chat with clients first using Priority Tiers


Recapture legal clients with innovative tech tools

Your firm will be well-equipped to deal with a wide-ranging variety of services, when you offer a personalized and pragmatic approach to clients, in a more efficient and profitable manner. Especially for finding legal solutions using a legal as a service for a law firm model.

A tiered system maximizes your team’s effectiveness and provides enhanced service to your clients. Leveraging the right people’s skill sets as part of an overarching legal operating model can translate into a competitive advantage.

Firms provide higher value with technology-enabled services by structuring innovative and more complex business models. 

The greater law firms adapt to and differentiate from traditional models, the easier it will be to retain client relationships and scale their business amidst increasing competition.

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