Why You Need a HubSpot Live Chat Integration

hubspot live chat integration

Marketers are acutely aware that much of their success, for better or worse, is measured by the number of MQLs they generate. Marketing CRMs, such as the popular HubSpot, are essential tools for MQL generation initiatives. However, what can be often overlooked is the importance of conversations, and conversational awareness, and the role it plays in creating MQLs. HubSpot certainly possesses most of the mandatory tools for successfully generating MQLs, but a HubSpot live chat integration is what truly makes the marketing software, and strategies, shine. 

When a live chat solution is not introduced, there are severe disconnects that arise with implemented marketing software. To start, it is extraordinarily difficult to transfer information and conversations between systems, particularly HubSpot and Salesforce. There is also a tremendous workload placed on agents, who must manually input and triple-check data. 

Paired with HubSpot, SnapEngage live chat introduces unparalleled conversational and automation capabilities. An ideal chat tool at least provides optimized lead attribution for optimized workflows and a guaranteed high ROI. However, a truly great chat tool reduces manual agent work, streamlines operations, and drives automation abilities by creating automatic workflows and tasks. With determined quick follow-up, a HubSpot live chat integration ensures that no qualified lead will ever slip through your fingers.


HubSpot live chat integration enhances lead attribution with automation tools

In the contemporary digital landscape, marketing is essential for success. Marketers drive lead acquisition for sales, heighten brand awareness, and build a positive image of their company. For marketers to be successful though, intensive care must be given to analysis and metrics. Tracking return on investment (ROI), UTM parameters, and lead attribution are all essential for success in qualifying and generating leads. A robust marketing CRM is essential for these efforts. 

HubSpot is an integral CRM tool for all things marketing. Spearheading campaigns, building email blasts, and also tracking ROI, lead attribution, and other essential metrics – are all key and necessary components of a successful marketing strategy. However without chat, any marketer is operating with one hand tied behind their back. 


hubspot live chat integration


A HubSpot live chat integration enables marketing teams to adopt a customer-centric marketing strategy that drives MQL creation at minimal cost. robust analytics offer marketing teams the insight necessary to pinpoint opportunities for campaigns, and intelligent bot analytics optimize your marketing budget and boost ROI metrics.

Additionally, the tools to plan events and campaigns are designed with relieving simplicity with a HubSpot live chat integration. You can link to campaigns created from live chats and offline messages. Marketing analytics assembled from smart chatbots can be viewed on customizable marketing metrics dashboards – with an easy-to-use builder – for clear visuals of all metrics. 

Chatbots offer a whole new level of qualifying leads through your site. Bots can determine and qualify leads specific to your parameters, and then directly port the MQL information into HubSpot or a sales CRM like Salesforce.


Enhanced MQL gathering and tracking abilities with HubSpot live chat integration

More often than not, marketers’ primary goal is to provide the sales team with abundant, quality leads every week. However, corralling MQLs is easier said than done. It can be difficult to transfer lead sources, and when the process is highly dependent on manual tracking and transfers, there are myriad pockets where mistakes and shuffling happens. This is beyond frustrating for both teams, especially when it’s not even needed. The intrinsic empowerment in a HubSpot live chat integration makes the manual work obsolete and entirely unnecessary. 

Sales teams tend to use sales-specific CRMs, particularly Salesforce. Most marketers are all too aware of the issues present in transferring data and leads from HubSpot to Salesforce. It’s highly dependent on manual input and prone to create excessive errors. Thankfully SnapEngage live chat connects these two disparate systems, with added automation tools to boot, so you can rest easy.


hubspot live chat integration


SnapEngage’s integrative bridge between sales and HubSpot provides advantages that pack a punch. For one, both sales and service data are pulled for marketing’s benefit. Marketers will have meaningful, measurable data to draw from when determining targets. 

The powerful lead-sourcing opportunities with SnapEngage’s integration allow marketers to corral leads by campaign, set triggers by keyword, and manage paid search and paid social MQLs – all through the intuitive and easy-to-use conversational platform of live chat.

Marketing teams can also set specific UTM variables and tracking links. If you’re a marketer, chances are you are already familiar with this. So how exactly does a HubSpot live chat integration streamline your workflows and make your life easier?


HubSpot live chat integration makes it easy to pass data to and from Salesforce

There’s a lot that can go wrong when passing MQL data from HubSpot to Salesforce. Lead sources can be shuffled or lost, and the whole process is reliant on manual work by the agent. When live chat is integrated though, this process is streamlined. Pass any and all MQL data – organic, direct, referrals, etc. – from HubSpot into Salesforce by using SnapEngage’s HubSpot-SFDC integration. 

Live chat also gathers plenty of qualified leads through its conversational apparatus. Leads are people, and people are fickle. Your site visitors’ interest can quickly wane, and by the time they are qualified as a lead and reached out to, they can turn cold. Very cold. The chance to convert leads drops by 80% after just five minutes spent on your site. Even if your agents are able to immediately assist visitors, smart bots can always instantly reach out to visitors and engage them in conversation.

Capture critical lead data using Labels and then utilize custom mapping to qualify and direct leads instantly to sales agents. Trigger downstream HubSpot tasks and workflows through chat and Labels data to ease up routine work for agents. You can use these tools to perform myriad functions, such as auto-assigning new tasks to SDRs for further lead follow-up.

Additionally, you can implement proactive chat to automate how and when prospects are reached out to. This ensures that your team members can afford to turn their focus away from routine tasks and that these leads are approached at the optimal time – when their interest is at its peak.


hubspot live chat integration


A HubSpot live chat integration built to exceed all your ROI expectations

Any marketing professional knows the tremendous importance of quality ROI. Not only does a HubSpot live chat integration provide a superb ROI to your team and business, but it also helps you track it. AI-powered automation attributes leads by source, and it crucially identifies top performing channels for your team. 

Automated metrics and analysis streamlines the heavy manual workflow often evident in marketing initiatives, and frees up critical time for marketers to focus more on MQL strategies, and less on routine tasks.


Upgrade lead-sourcing with strategies powered by live chat

When any chats are missed due to off-hours or the visitor leaving, it can be configured so that these visitors are funneled into MQL status, based on keyword triggers or other custom mapping criteria. 

The original source can be a mystery for these visitors, since it is essentially live chat that is the source. However, UTM variables can still be pulled from the URL for heightened campaign tracking. These UTM values can then be mapped into custom fields to then determine the true original source for all visitors touched by live chat. 

Leverage SnapEngage’s HubSpot live chat integration to provide your marketing team with the tools needed to craft a winning MQL generation strategy. Consult with a SnapEngage Solution Specialist to learn more about why you need a HubSpot live chat integration, and take your business to the next level.

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