Request Email Transcript + End Chat Delay: A Powerful Duo for Lead Capture and Improved CSAT

For companies working to better educate their existing clients while growing their client base, closing the loop on client communication and finding ways to generate more leads can be big hurdles. To do this successfully with your chat platform, you need to be aware of all the tools at your disposal. Now, with the new Request Email Transcript and End Chat Delay features, you can more easily gather client feedback while maximizing your inbound lead conversion rates.There is an art to gathering client feedback, acting on client feedback, and encouraging open communication with clients. While this sounds like many steps, all can be achieved by narrowing your mission and focusing on what is important to your teams. Take a dive with us into how client education and feedback collection are guides towards amplified efficiency and lead generation.

1. Educate your client base and target audience

Encouraging ownership from clients by putting chat transcripts at their fingertips will further serve your internal teams. Keeping clients well-informed lets client success teams focus on efficient problem-solving rather than rehashing resolved and ongoing issues. Help clients stay up-to-date on in-progress support tickets by ensuring that all communication between client success teams and the client are available to both parties. This allows clients to stay informed and encourages open communication.

Well informed clients:

  • Streamline follow-up for client support and success teams. This ensures that no chat conversation details are lost in translation and that both the client and the support team are working on the same goal.
  • Have higher customer satisfaction ratings. A client who feels that their own account details are hidden from them are more likely to churn and be displeased with your service. Open communication keeps clients in the loop and feel better understood when it comes to open questions.
  • Improve internal operations. When your team can focus on their highest priority issues, they will thrive. There is no juggling back and forth between a chat conversation, email conversation or phone conversation.

2. It can save you time

We are all looking for ways to maximize our time and get the most out of our day. Every automated action that your chat platform can take to achieve this goal will move mountains for your team. Time is an irreplaceable asset and in this day and age is more valuable than money.

Saving time can:

  • Amplify productivity: More tickets can be closed on time and more leads can be followed up within a timely manner.
  • Make your team more efficient: Quality of work will not be compromised and teams can work as the well-oiled machine they are meant to be.

Closing the loop of communication with clients can be time-consuming. In addition to connecting clients to conversations had with your team, allow your clients to educate your team and leave feedback. Your clients are smart; let them share feedback and educate your team.

3. Generate actionable sales leads with improved lead capture capabilities

Sales representatives often have dozens of chat conversations everyday with prospects and potential leads. These conversations may be recorded in a CRM or other database as a way for sales teams to keep track of contact information, details from conversations, and next steps. In the ever-busy world of sales, next steps and follow-up can take up the majority of the day. When time is of the essence, actionable follow-up tasks are a great way to empower members of the sales team. Leads that have a clear and actionable path forward are already set up for success and the sales team can have confidence in the sales process.

However, prospects can easily slip through the cracks and information can be lost. Using the Request Email Transcript feature helps prevent these missed conversion opportunities by empowering site visitors to enter their contact information directly during the live chat. Your prospect receives a copy of the conversation for easy reference, and your sales rep receives a new Marketing-Qualified or Sales-Qualified Lead complete with accurate contact information for future follow-up. It’s a win-win scenario.

Allowing prospects to leave behind actionable information in post-chat surveys leads to:

  • Empowered sales teams
  • Aggressive lead generation and lead capture from your chat tool
  • Improved conversion rates while generating more Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads (MQLs/SQLs)
  • Actionable chats with clear follow-up items for sales team members
  • Better team performance management and easier opportunities for sales managers to coach employees and pinpoint growth areas

Not sure where to start when it comes to open communication? Think about your clients and what is important to them. Does the support team chat about open tickets on a constant basis? Does the sales team receive helpful feedback from prospects after chats are completed? Chances are that all teams benefit from learning about clients and from having clear paths for next steps.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our updated Request Email Transcript and End Chat Delay features to turn more chats into actionable conversations and to start educating your client base.

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