Real Estate SMS-to-Chat is Today’s Email

real estate sms chat

Real Estate SMS-to-Chat is Today’s Email 

Reach to a More Diverse Client Base with Real Estate SMS-to-Chat

Text messaging has become the predominant form of communication across all industries today. In real estate, communication with clients, prospects, and leads is extremely time-sensitive. Real estate SMS-to-chat allows buyers and sellers the responses that beat out email and phone in terms of speed and convenience.

To engage new and existing clients before the competition, you must go to where they are as soon as possible. In fact,  65% of home buyers expect to be able to communicate via text message with their agents. 

SMS live chat allows your site visitors to reach your team by sending a text message from any mobile device. Those SMS messages appear in SnapEngage’s Conversations Hub for your agents to reply — sending an SMS right back to your site visitor’s handheld device. 

Real estate SMS-to-chat opens new channels 


Increased adoption and accessibility of all offered real estate services.

Reduce time-to-resolution (TTR) for all steps in the client funnel.


Remove communication hurdles with SMS live chat omnichannel solutions.

Advertise your SMS number on all marketing for accessibility.

Outcome: Successful communications lead to a broader and more diverse satisfied client base. This is especially important with younger demographics.

Quickstart toolkit


  • SMS-to-chat is part of our Omnichannel Solution. All SMS conversations are in the Hub for chat agents, the same as chats from the website and Facebook. Bring the easiest form of communication to your communication options. No passwords, no portals with SMS-to-chat.


  • Request client photos without using an external email service. Clients appreciate a new and innovative way to provide information all in one place. Buyers can send photos of homes or interior design they are interested in. Sellers can send you pics of their home so your team can address if it’s “showroom ready”. 


  • Advertise your text number on your website, client mails, behind client login and anywhere else clients have access. Clients can save the number in their phone and text your agents their convenience. 


Sample workflow


SnapEngage real estate SMS-to-chat


Tools for communications success recap:

Modernize the client experience with SMS-to-chat
Allow chat agents to request photos, giving sellers a chance to showcase their upcoming open house and share interior design ideas
Increase brand awareness with free advertising of the SMS-to-chat number

Communicate at every step of the client journey

Provide added value that requires minimal effort from clients by making it easy for clients to reach you. Mobile texting is the most preferred and expected platform for customer service — Why should real estate be any different? Add your SMS number everywhere clients can find it. Live chat with SMS integration encourages communication at every step of the real estate client journey.  


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