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Make every conversation count

Sales strategies require ever more frequent engagement at every key stage in the customer journey. That starts when they’re a prospect. Most already know something about you from your website, but then decide to move on if time is tight. If you’re depending on Sales to follow up, you’ve likely lost them. Smart sales organizations use chat to engage potential buyers at the first moment of truth.

Align the sales team with the strategy

51% of online prospects prefer live chat options for the quickness and convenience that it offers. Real-time interactions allow the sales team to instantly connect with site visitors and clients alike. Incorporating live chat with your sales strategy allows you to turn every conversation into an opportunity. We take it one step further by recommending a robust proactive chat strategy for your customer engagement mix.

The Secret Sauce

Proactive chat is an under-utilized secret of the chat world. A well-planned proactive chat strategy can reap massive sales leads and drive communication with visitors. Less work. More play. Proactive chat can:

  • Enable complex outreach strategies: Engage prospects with ease using highly contextual, rule-based messages
  • Build trust and rapport: Use advanced triggers to reach out to prospects and clients at exactly the right moment to start meaningful conversations
  • Keep the door open: Make sure site visitors know that your website is staffed
  • Bring joy to the customer journey: Send relevant messages to create a custom and tailored experience and connect site visitors to the right person at the right time

Proactive chat greetings can be triggered based on factors such as site visitor location, time spent on a page, and abandoning a full shopping cart.

Picture this: you enter a store shopping for your first flat screen tv. You’re ready to shell out some serious cash and need help finding your perfect tv. Nobody asks if they can help you, shows you where the tv’s are at in the store, or makes suggestions on the tv’s that offer high-definition. Not a great experience. Now pretend you walk into another store with the same goals in mind. An employee welcomes you warmly and lets you know about the current sales. You wander through the phone section and another employee asks about your day and points you in the direction of your goal: tv’s. As you browse tv’s, another employee offers to demo a few different options, mentions their price-match promise, and helps you pick the perfect tv for you. These are vastly different scenarios, with the second one highlighting a delightful customer experience. It is not enough to simply have tv’s if site visitors don’t know where to find them. You have the chance to be their guide, take advantage!


Stay on your toes

Proactive chat is highly customizable. You have the freedom to test proactive chats on certain pages, test specific messages, even fire messages for a limited time only. Check out your chat analytics to see which messages are getting the most traction and continually refine messaging to stay on-brand.

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