Improve Patient Acquisition Rate with Healthcare ROI Tools

How to Get the Most out of Your Marketing Campaigns

Your marketing team has spent time and effort creating targeted campaigns to increase web traffic. More website traffic is always great, but increased patient acquisition is better. Do you know your patient acquisition cost? 

SnapEngage Live Chat allows you to recognize and record where visitors are coming from. So, not only can you give website visitors responding to a specific campaign a more customized experience than anyone else on your site, you can accurately measure the return on your investment.

The only way to improve your marketing campaigns is to know where you stand with your current campaign performance. Whether measuring product conversion or new patient acquisition rate, having accurate data is a critical component in evaluating whether your campaign is effective at meeting measurable goals. 

With a few tools in your toolkit, you can collect that data while rolling out the red carpet with exceptional prospective patient engagement 24/7.

Record where they came from and send them where they need to go

Goal: Report on exact metrics from marketing campaigns and increase patient acquisition rate.
How: Qualified site visitors will receive VIP treatment on their very first visit.
Outcome: Reap the benefits of your targeted campaigns with contextual messaging. Capture ROI metrics and offer a 24/7 seamless chat experience to enhance the results of your marketing efforts.


Quickstarter toolkit

  1. Recognize where site visitors are coming from and trigger a chat with contextual messaging for each specific visitor with Proactive Chat. New visitors to your website are looking for valuable information and to schedule an appointment. 53% of visitors are more likely to do business with an organization that provides chat functionality. Guide them through this process with a strong proactive chat strategy
  2. Capture prospective patient information, even when chat agents are offline or maxed on chats, you’ll never miss a new patient opportunity with Info Capture Bot. Provide the best possible experience while supplementing your chat agent team. All prospect information left with the Info Capture Bot will be automatically sent to your integration for follow-up providing you with valuable ROI metrics and patient acquisition leads.
  3. Have the right agents online at the right time to provide a seamless chat experience and route your prospects where they need to go using Priority Tiers. As your chat requests increase, the system will always scale up to the next tier of agents making them available when they are needed most. Tiers also serve to maximize chat agent skill sets —  The second tier of chat agents can be specialists, engaging with only the most qualified site visitors. 


Sample workflow

Tools for ROI recap

Provide high-touch messaging with Proactive Chat settings
Never miss another connection. Info Capture Bots are an extension of your business.
Provide more cohesive new patient support with Priority Tiers


Build your live chat toolkit

Data measurement helps tie campaign success to your overall business bottom line. You can get your money’s worth from advertising campaigns by converting more patient leads from paid campaigns. With a few simple SnapEngage tools, you can correctly attribute which patients came from where and engage with them contextually so you meet their needs immediately. Tiers with a chatbot mean that chats will only route to the bot when no one is online — essentially providing customized service 24/7/365.

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