HIPAA Compliant SMS Opens New Markets

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Extend Your Reach and Efficiency with HIPAA Compliant SMS Messaging

HIPAA compliant SMS offers benefits to healthcare organizations across the board — from new patient acquisition and care to administrative and marketing.

Text messaging is increasingly becoming the preferred method of communication. Americans exchanged over 2 trillion text messages in 2018, a nearly 16% increase year-over-year. Mobile texting has become an expected platform for customer service. Why should healthcare be any different? To attract new patients, you must go to where they are. 

Give your patients a text number so they can text you with questions and scheduling. Update patient information using secure forms, cutting down on the time that patients spend in waiting rooms updating current information, and decreasing front office procedures. SnapEngage HIPAA compliant messaging can get you there with a few simple tools.

Enhanced communication reaches broader patient markets


Goal: 10% more value delivered via HIPAA compliant SMS
How: Remove communication hurdles with a HIPAA compliant SMS line. Patients will feel secure and comfortable throughout their conversation, and younger target groups will feel empowered to reach out more frequently.
Outcome: Appeal to new and more diverse patient markets. Improve staff efficiency with streamlined patient onboarding.

Quickstarter toolkit

  1. Stay secure and compliant with HIPAA compliant SMS. No cumbersome passwords or portals needed. Patients can save the number in their phone and reach you at their convenience.
  2. Securely request patient data using Audit Logs without the need for an external email service. Patients appreciate a new and innovative way to provide information all in one place. Patients can even send you photos when helpful as your team is trained in HIPAA compliance best practices. Patient information is kept secure, and agents cannot send data or images back to the patient. The process stays within SnapEngage.
  3. Advertise your text number on your website, patient mails, behind patient login and anywhere else patients have access.and provide innovative value requiring minimal effort from patients. Make it easy for patients to reach you. 

Sample workflow

Tools for efficient communication recap

Modernize the patient experience with HIPAA compliant SMS 
Request confidential information using Audit Logs and give patients peace of mind with secure data transfer
Free advertising of the HIPAA compliant SMS number


Reach patients where they are

In fact, let them reach you in their single most preferred method of communication — texting. SnapEngage makes it easy for you to stay in front of communication trends with HIPAA compliant SMS. SnapEngage’s suite of HIPAA compliant tools humanizes the patient experience, enhances front office efficiency, and extends your reach to fresh, diverse markets. 

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