Hidden Perks in Your Live Chat CRM Integration

It’s not only easy to integrate SnapEngage live chat with your CRM, it’s our bread and butter.  You can manage all interactions with prospects, leads, and existing clients, with live chat CRM integration. 

Control the customer funnel by capturing the most relevant data and automate data capture by integrating your CRM with live chat. Consistently provide a level of personalized service with live chat CRM integration, so you stay competitive. 

However, there are some hidden perks in your live chat CRM integration that you might not be aware of.


Leverage the free services offered by your live chat CRM integration

Cast a wide net and capture valuable customer data from all site visitors by customizing Pre-Chat forms. 

Pre-Chat forms collect basic information via chat from online visitors before they hop off. You can customize Pre-Chat forms to ask visitors a set of questions before the chat — or even add an optional opt-in checkbox for visitors to receive your newsletter or promotions. 

Visitors that engage with live chat, and check your opt-in box, are automatically mapped to your CRM mailing list to enroll in newsletter and drip campaigns. 

You can remain in communication with all visitors for future conversion opportunities, upsells, and cross-sells down the road.


Measurable goal: Reduce churn and increase client upgrades.
How: Update your current chatbox to include a Pre-Chat form with an optional checkbox to sign up for newsletters and promotions. 
Outcome: Increased opportunities for conversion opportunities, upsells, and cross-sells.


Customize Pre-Chat forms in Design Studio to build your mail list

It’s simple to Enable a Pre-Chat form. In Settings, options exist to update an existing theme or create a new theme for a Pre-Chat form, and add any fields or questions you prefer. 

Build an email list of leads from site visitors by adding an email field and an opt-in checkbox on a Pre-Chat form. They’ll receive newsletters, promotions, or recent blog posts to pull in their attention and keep them in the know.



Connect custom SnapEngage fields to your CRM 

With custom mapping, add customized fields in your Pre-Chat form that will be sent to your CRM from SnapEngage. 

You can sort a list in your CRM of all clients who opt-in to your newsletter or promotional deals. Now for every lead or contact created in your CRM, you’ll know if they’ve opted-in to the newsletter. You can also use those lists for future marketing.

If someone asks to unsubscribe from a newsletter list, it’s easy to adjust the field in your CRM. Or you can always update the lead in SnapEngage so the client can remove themselves from the newsletter by unchecking the box the next time they are on chat.


Use chat conversations to showcase extra value and drive upgrade opportunities

It’s far easier to grow an existing client base than acquiring new ones. Use your CRM to track upgrade opportunities, within your current client base, using Labels.

SnapEngage Labels are summaries of a chat, generated by a chat agent, that is sent to your CRM. Labels are tracked in your CRM and simple for agents to pull up. 

Labels provide a framework for you to sort your clients based on position in a sales funnel. For example, if you’ve already presented a client with an upgrade opportunity, agents can update this information so it integrates with their CRM. 

All Labeled conversations are saved in SnapEngage and your CRM. Previous Labels are visible to chat agents anytime the same client chats in — keeping staff informed of the most recent data for that prospect.

Repeat visitors aren’t burdened by listening to the same pitch again, the agent has access to all communications along the client journey. SnapEngage Labels integrated with your CRM provide personalized service that keeps clients loyal to your brand.



Tools for Success

Enroll clients in constant communication with a Pre-Chat form
Organize conversations according to upgrade potential with Labels

Unify customer relationships with Salesforce

Bonus:  Have a different CRM? No problem. SnapEngage has a solution.


Take your live chat strategy to new levels

Even with the rise in support and brand outreach through social media, live chat continues to be the preferred communications channel. Live chat offers consumers immediate support, and with minimal effort.

Live chat CRM integration is a necessity for customers and businesses alike. Increase client retention and improve staff efficiency with the data you need at your fingertips to provide real-time personalized assistance to your clients every time they visit your site. 

Leverage the hidden perks that live chat CRM integration offers, and you can take customer service and sales to new levels, reduce churn, and surprise your clients every time they reach out to you. 


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