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Life before clients and companies were unified

*Ping* oh look, a visitor is on your website and wants to chat with you. They’re interested in learning more about your product. A great opportunity to make a sale has been bestowed upon you! 

You tell the prospect all the wonderful things that your product can do for them. You use your Challenger Sales skill set to become their trusted advisor, laying brick after brick of value, putting together a foundation of trust………and they’re gone

They’re gone and you didn’t get their name, email address, company, or phone number. Nothing was salvaged from the conversation. 

Little did you know the person that just abandoned your chat has chatted in before. They’ve already given their name, email address, company, and phone number. — and even asked about that specific product. 

If you’d captured all the data from this chat — and the hundreds of chats just like this one — you’d have been able to both recognize and engage this visitor as the ideal buyer that your organization works to solve problems for.

A better way to manage sales interactions

Recording client data in a CRM, like Salesforce, is imperative for businesses to remain competitive today. And capturing the right data is critical. 

But manual data capture can be a tedious process. Automating data capture using SnapEngage’s live chat integration with Salesforce solves these issues and ensures that every chat instance is an opportunity for conversion. 

Salesforce integration with SnapEngage automates and maps the information that is most relevant to your business. Out-of-the-box Salesforce fields are easily mapped in minutes without the assistance of developers.

You can customize the data mapped into Salesforce to fit workflows you already have in place. Chat data —  such as Leads, Contacts, and Accounts — is easily mapped into all Objects in Salesforce. 

SnapEngage users can map data in one of four ways:

  1. Directly map information — from the SnapEngage Hub. Any information populated in the Hub can be automatically mapped to Salesforce, either to Service Cloud or Sales Cloud.
  2. Javascript — Use Javascript variables to map information from pre-chat forms and offline forms automatically.  Tailor messages to that visitor based on your data to provide a more personalized experience. 
  3. Text — Use “Text” to auto-populate a field with text for each chat that gets mapped over to Salesforce. For instance, having a text that maps the words “Live Chat” to the field in Salesforce titled “Lead Source” will ensure everyone knows that this lead came from a live chat. Reports in Salesforce can then be run to understand how many leads are coming from your chat solution. 
  4. Labels — Have your agents “Label” chats and map that information directly to Salesforce from the SnapEngage hub. 


Customized data, sent automatically

Chat agents provide the best opportunity to capture critical client information to foster a customized buying experience. . 

Agents can use the “Labels” feature to map client information from Label fields in chat to the corresponding field in Salesforce. This is all done from the SnapEngage Hub — agents never have to toggle between chat and Salesforce.

Say a client chats into your retail website wanting to purchase shoes, and they input their shoe size. A Label can be created called “Shoe Size” to map over to a custom field in Salesforce called “Shoe Size”. When the client returns to chat again, the chat agent already knows the visitor’s shoe size and only offers shoes available in that size. 

This is the type of personalized experience that lets the customer know they matter.

44% of shoppers who are offered a personalized buying experience will become repeat buyers.  Forbes  

Most companies that use Salesforce build out their Salesforce instances with customized fields, which allows them to capture the information that is most important to them. 

Many instances of Salesforce have a “Chat Description” or “Notes” field — a free form area for  a synopsis of the chat. Labels allow chat agents to fill these fields out, or choose from pick lists — all from within SnapEngage hub. 

Snapengage’s Salesforce integration eliminates the need to manually transfer data from chat transcripts to Salesforce fields — and ensures that every chat is an opportunity for lead data capture. 

The Salesforce CRM is an incredible platform. SnapEngage makes it even more efficient. SnapEngage’s Salesforce integration allows information to be seamlessly captured, helping you better understand your website visitors so that you can master the level of customer satisfaction that scales your business.

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