SnapEngage vs Drift

Using Drift?
You are paying too much.

Only pay for what you need. SnapEngage delivers the functionality and live human support to achieve your growth goals quickly. Complete the form below for a detailed demo on what SnapEngage can do for your company.

SnapEngage Makes It Easier

Thousands of global customers agree that SnapEngage is more cost-efficient and easy to use with award-winning support to achieve your growth goals quickly.

Easy to get started

Let’s face it, as chat and chatbots have matured so has the complexity of the setup. Our award winning support and implementation teams make it easy and quick for you to realize your goals.

Return on investment

Don’t pay for features that you are not using. See a true return on investment with SnapEngage.

Onboarding and support

SnapEngage prides ourselves on our ongoing relationships with clients. You are joining a support network and our goal is to help you achieve your goals.

Transparent Pricing

What is your budget? Do you need more than one agent seat? If you do, you will pay a lot more with Drift. SnapEngage has transparent, up front pricing that won’t skyrocket instantly when adding additional features.

Chatbots & Automation

Drift bots can be difficult to set up, and are not fully integrated into their live agent chat and downstream integrations. SnapEngage chatbots are easy to setup, come with pre-made templates and are backed with industry leading customer support.

“I realized how overpriced Drift was and the lack of support we were getting for the product. When I saw what SnapEngage could do, it was a no brainer for us to switch to what I view as an equivalent service for a fraction of the cost.”

– Eric Schurke
CEO North America

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