American Academy of Pediatrics Conquers Their First Virtual Conference

American Academy of Pediatrics virtual conference

Virtual Attendee List Soars To 15,000 With SnapEngage

From in-person to virtual conferences 

Jane Jesudoss is the Manager of Registration Services at The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), whose mission is to attain optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. Throughout their 90-year history, the APP has hosted in-person conferences every year, only missing conferences during World War II. The conference attendance continues to grow every year and attracts attendees world-wide. Due to the pandemic, many organizations faced new challenges with how to manage conferences, including the AAP. They knew the impossibility of having an in-person conference and held its first-ever virtual National Conference.

Evolving and improving online support

AAP previously relied on in-person conversations during the conference. They needed a way to adapt quickly to engage attendees virtually, making the conference as personable as possible. 

The AAP researched several live chat options and found SnapEngage to be the right fit to meet the needs of their attendees. AAP leveraged SnapEngage and the power of Auto-Translate to tie together their virtual conference. Jane notes, “As we developed a virtual platform this year, SnapEngage proved to be a powerful tool and allowed us to answer live chat questions seamlessly for over 15,000 attendees from countries all over the world,”. 

Multi-language solutions with automation and Auto-Translate

AAP needed a solution that would not only let them communicate with attendees in multiple languages, but also a solution that was quick to implement and onboard. Checking both of those boxes is SnapEngage, which can be added in minutes and has a live technical support team for both agent onboarding and live assistance throughout the conference.

SnapEngage “Greeter Bot” boasted a 1 second response over 5,000 conversations.  

The change was apparent. The questions came in rapidly, with the team handling over 5,800 questions during the three-day conference alone. Agents handled questions ranging from registration, membership, conference schedule, and log in credentials. Jackie Beck, AAP Conference Planner adds, “SnapEngage was easy for the conference attendees to use and offline hours worked without a hitch.” 

The team also employed the power of chatbots to respond to visitors instantly, boasting a 1 second response time thanks to their “Greeter Bot.” The Greeter Bot worked exactly as AAP named it, it politely greeted and quickly transferred conversations to the correct live agent for the quickest and most accurate support. 

Agents were prepared to answer all questions that came their way. Jackie also notes that, “the SnapEngage Support Team was hands on, available for last-minute calls and questions any time of the day.”

The AAP virtual conference was proud to welcome attendees from all over the world. There were participants from the United States, Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Lebanon, and more.  All attendees had the opportunity to chat live with the AAP agents in their native language while chatting in. Adam Parise, United Communications Administrator credits Auto-Translate further, “Using Auto-Translate worked fantastic. Now, both we and the international attendees know how easy it is to connect and get questions answered.”

The future of virtual conferences 

The substantial amount of effective conversations contributed to the success of the 2020 AAP Virtual National Conference and Exhibition. The power of chatbots combined with the live agents proved to channel an amazing amount of interactions, over 2,500 about general information alone. 

“SnapEngage was the perfect tool for our international conference. As a matter of fact, we have already recommended SnapEngage to some of our member associations for their upcoming events.” Jackie remarked. 

The AAP combined SnapEngage’s strong product line, including the translation feature, with training and onboarding to tie together customer care and experience to make their first ever virtual National Conference a success!

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