Why You Need SnapEngage Chat When You Have Salesforce

Salesforce is a household name, it’s the world’s most widely used software for customer service teams. It boasts prebuilt, right-out-of-the-box functionalities that every sales team needs. When Salesforce’s renowned platform is integrated with SnapEngage’s powerful solution, you have an enterprise-level CRM with extended reach and that’s customizable to scale. If you partner these platforms, you’ll experience how a Salesforce with SnapEngage integration delivers world-class service and growth in modern markets.  

The Salesforce platform stands out in the CRM market chiefly because of its flexibility with integration, as well as customizable options for smooth and straightforward onboarding. In Salesforce, neat organization is a core tenet; records tie all related information in one, easy-to-drill-down place for quick access to the data you need. 

Salesforce is a living, user-friendly meta-spreadsheet that gives a universal view of your company, prospects, and customers as you scale. SnapEngage integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, allowing you to chat with prospects and customers wherever they are.

There are significant bonuses to run the marketing, sales, and support teams on the Salesforce platform with SnapEngage. Your sales team will know when your customers run into issues, and your support team will know when your customers are seeking additional products. Sales and service data are pulled for marketing, so your marketing team will know where to target for the biggest drives. 


SnapEngage with Salesforce for high-velocity sales

Response time is critical to increasing conversion rates. SnapEngage’s proactive, intelligent bots allow you to engage prospects within seconds. Improving first-contact response time directly increases lead conversion rates and reduces time to close. 

Every customer interaction provides an opportunity to create a long-term customer relationship, but every conversation counts to drive revenue. Enhance your customer engagement capabilities with SnapEngage secure chat, SMS-to-Chat, chatbots, and social media integrations.

Give your Sales team the freedom to close higher-value accounts

Routine sales tasks are streamlined and automated so agents can focus on accounts of higher-value. Chatbots let businesses answer every incoming question quickly, giving customers a direct line to the specific information they need. They also can absorb and provide answers to repetitive and simple questions for peak efficiency and speed. When you give people what they need, they come back for more.  

SnapEngage’s intelligent routing functions map all relevant data inside Salesforce for a comprehensive view of your sales pipeline, at all times. Sales teams can customize targeted cross-sell and up-sell recommendations and drive sales velocity. 



SnapEngage and Salesforce for top-tier customer service

 With alternatives just a click away, customers can be gained or lost in seconds. SnapEngage’s AI-driven conversational intelligence equips service agents with the necessary tools to offer rapid resolutions and reinforce client loyalty.  Your customers can reach you how and when they want — your service agents will have the data they need to always offer a world-class customer experience and effectively manage churn. 

SnapEngage’s seamless connection with Salesforce captures and maps the most relevant data to your business. You can integrate every customer-interactive part of your company, including marketing, sales, and service – and give all teams a shared view of every customer.

Offer solutions via chat with customers wherever they are

SnapEngage chat transcripts are sent to Salesforce records for a real-time evolving and accurate history of all customer interactions. Automatically map any SnapEngage data to a Salesforce standard or custom field.  

SnapEngage automatically notifies you when your website visitors reach out to you. You can have offline requests and chat transcripts sent to you directly. You can easily select how and when you want chat transcripts and records sent to Salesforce – and change it anytime you want.


SnapEngage with Salesforce for superior marketing

A SnapEngage-Salesforce integration enables you to adopt a customer-centric marketing strategy that increases conversions at minimal cost. AI-powered analytics provide marketing teams the insight necessary to recognize opportunities, and intelligent bot analytics optimize your marketing budget and boost ROI metrics.

 It’s easy to plan events and campaigns with Salesforce and SnapEngage integration. You can link to campaigns created from live chats and offline messages. Marketing analytics gathered from SnapEngage bots can be viewed on a customizable Salesforce marketing metrics dashboard – with a drag and drop builder – for clear visuals of all metrics. 


Customizable to scale and secured to your standards

SnapEngage with Salesforce means AI-automated workflows that are customizable to scale to any size while keeping your data safe according to your own standards. Cutting-edge conversational AI relieves all teams of frequent common questions and tasks with AI-capable solutions. 

Using SnapEngage with Salesforce is especially beneficial for smaller businesses where teams need the flexibility to do more with less. Everyone in your organization can see entire customer relationships with your company, so you can keep operations fluid and informed.

Give your teams what they need for surefire success. Consult with a SnapEngage Solution Specialist to learn more about why you need a Salesforce with SnapEngage integration, and take your business to the next level in today’s business culture.

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