SnapEngage Skype Integration: Shutdown Announcement

The SnapEngage Skype Integration is no longer active.

Skype LogoAfter 7 years of availability, Skype announced earlier this month that it will be putting an end to its Desktop API in December 2013.

This “Desktop API” (Application Programming Interface) is what enables third-party applications like SnapEngage to communicate with Skype.

Since we use a variation of that Desktop API to communicate with Skype — and based on the information provided by Skype — at present, it is not clear if the SnapEngage-to-Skype integration will still work or not after December 2013.

Therefore, for new customers we are removing the Skype integration as an available chat client. Instead, we highly recommend our native SnapEngage web chat portal — Google Talk is also still an available option.

For existing SnapEngage Skype users we will continue to support the integration as long as we can. Please rest assured that we are committed to providing support for your existing Skype agents. However, we cannot guarantee that it will work after the Skype API shutdown scheduled for December 2013.

If the SnapEngage Skype integration becomes unavailable, we recommend using the SnapEngage web chat portal instead. Please give it a try, we are sure you will like it. You can find more information about the SnapEngage chat client here.

As always, please come chat with us if there is anything we can do to help.