Release Notes May 22nd: Bot API improvements, Analytics improvements, Bugfixes

Hello SnapEngagers,

here is an update what the development team has been working on in the last weeks:



  • We have removed the limit of 10 concurrent chats per Bot – this applies for the Bot API, Answer Bot and Guide Bot as well.
    Clients who configured multiple front line bots in the same tier to deal with a high surge in customer demand can now use just one bot instead.
  • We have added a ‘context ID’ parameter to the Bot API options. The contextId can be useful when free text input is expected. In this case there is no buttonId to identify where in the process of a multi-step dialogue the visitor currently is, so a contextId comes in handy (you can find the documentation here)

Other Updates

  • We have updated the Analytics Report > Visitor Environment -> Pages report to not cut off URLs at 80 characters anymore.
  • We improved the UI of the Chat Agents tab > Add existing Agent option to better display the list of available agents.


Resolved Issues

  • Hub: Fixed an issue where the Facebook page the visitor was chatting from did not appear in the ‘From URL’ field.
  • Fixed an issue in the Analytics Report > Queue Time where chats form visitors that closed the chat while in the queue did not appear in the report.
  • Fixed an issue where the admin dashboard would not load in Internet Explorer 11
  • Fixed an issue where the Logs CSV export showed “chat responded” as false for responded chats, when data was deleted after it was sent to the destination
  • Fixed an issue where the Admin Dashboard appeared to ‘flicker’ when a banner was showing while scrolling down.
  • Visitor Chat:
    • Fixed an issue when sending Secure Data Transfer before accepting the chat resulted in the visitor being unable to reply
    • Fixed an issue where the minimize and close buttons were not clickable in the Edge Legacy browser
    • Fixed an issue where messages with special characters like Kanji were not truncated properly


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