Release Notes March 19th: New Guide Bot Features, Bug Fixes

Hello SnapEngagers,

We have released a number of improvements and bug fixes since our last release note with a focus on our Guide Bot.

Feature Updates


New Guide Bot assignment option for the pre-chat prompt

If you have multiple Guide Bots configured in your widget, you can now select a specific Guide Bot in the Design Studio -> Pre-Chat Form settings.

This prompt is displayed when the visitors click on the SnapEngage button and will display the first Guide Bot step content.

Agent integration mapping for Guide Bot

You can now map Guide Bot chats to be assigned to specific agents in your integration, with any integration that supports agent mapping. Just start typing the name of the agent in the integration field to get a dropdown list and select the agent.

You can configure this if you want all the chats from this bot to go to a specific account in your connected integration, similar to the human chat agent mapping.

Guide Bot – Page redirect feature

The Guide Bot now has a new action to automatically redirect visitors to a page on your website, in addition to labeling the chat. You can find this option by clicking on ‘Add another action’ below the Label field

Please note that the manual \goto http://www… command is no longer supported in the bot configuration.


Redact Social Security Numbers from transcripts

In addition to Credit Card numbers, you can now also automatically filter out Social Security Numbers from the chat transcript. The setting can be found in the Options Tab


Other updates

* We have improved the Labels report to show when more labels are available than the current filter view is displaying.

Resolved Issues


* Resolved an issue that impacted loading the Hub with IE11.

* Resolved an issue where bots were available in the transfer menu for agents.


* Resolved an issue where the proactive chat was not firing for the Guide Bot, if a line break was in the prompt message.

* Resolved an issue where default JavaScript Variable placeholders did not resolve correctly when configured in the Guide Bot prompt

* Resolved an issue where the bot did not recognize the hours of operation of other widgets on transfer.


* Resolved an issue where some responded proactive chats were marked as not responded

Visitor Chat

* Resolved an issue where [Just a moment..] showed in the minimized view when reloading the page.


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