New Feature: Sneak Peek for chat

SneakPeakTextPreviewWouldn’t it be great if you could read your visitor’s minds? Get a glimpse into their questions and thought process before they send you a question? Just a little peek so you can work on having the best answer in the world prepared and look super responsive to boot? Well guess what you no longer have to be a super hero with x-ray vision or mind reading capabilities. You don’t even need to attend the 3 week mail in, online, by phone undergraduate course from the local Boulder psychic institute to be able to have insight into your customer’s questions before you actually see them!

How is this accomplished you might be asking yourself? To get started with your new found super power all you have to do is login to your admin dashboard, head over to the Options tab and look for the checkbox to enable Sneak Peek. Once you have checked the box to enable the feature you will want to head over to the Chat Portal and start up a new chat to get a feel for this baby.

*Please keep in mind this will only work with the Chat Portal NOT Gtalk or Skype Integration*

Get to the Sneak Peek

The 1st thing you will notice is that messages from visitor still give you the “is typing” notifier but something magical is about to happen as you will quickly see. The notification morphs into italicized text with a grey color and reveals what the visitor is typing out before they send it. The text will change to a solid black normal font to signify that they have pressed the enter key and actually sent their message* ( that is a good time to respond, you really want to avoid answering their question before they send it! )

Sneak Peek In Action

Now aside from novelty I imagine you might be wondering, “What is the idea behind this amazing precog like feature?”. The idea is simple, have a peek into the message the visitor is constructing actually gives you as the agent more time to understand how they are formulating their question and begin searching for the answer and have it ready to go BEFORE the visitor sends their question. This helps agents have faster response times and customers are happier because they don’t have to wait for you to search about for the answer after the fact.

Like any other super hero power it’s best to pair with others to truly be ALL POWERFUL! If you are using a Knowledge Base make sure that it is connected so that agents can search for the answer directly inside the web client and also make sure you are using short cuts to save time.

Using our example above where we see that the visitor is actively reconstructing War & Peace via chat message we know that they have a question about a custom design and as an agent I can use that information to my advantage. I am able to search my knowledge base have the help article queued up and even construct my message ready to fire off at a moment’s notice.

Sneak Peek with Knowledge Base

So what do you think? Will you give Sneak Peek a try?

*Magic 8 ball says, “Chances are good”*

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