Introducing: Secure Data Transfer for Live Chat

Providing a safe environment to collect visitor data.

We live in an age where technology makes us so powerful, and yet so vulnerable at the same time. For most of us, our lives and businesses function by way of data points – credit cards, account numbers, personal identification numbers, passwords. Operationally speaking, we are identified more by our numbers than by our names. So when it comes to doing business, it’s important to be able to communicate that data instantly and securely.

In addition to the already secure infrastructure of the SnapEngage system (read more here), we have added a powerful new secure data transfer feature that allows your agents to safely collect confidential information from your visitors right in the chat window. This feature keeps your business compliant with the latest data security requirements and provides peace-of-mind for your visitors.

secure data transfer types

Agents are able to request credit card numbers, social security numbers and secure notes (free-form text fields) within the live chat window and portal.

How it works

When agents need to collect sensitive information from visitors, they can select the type of data they are requesting from the new Secure Data Transfer Request button within the chat portal menu.

secure data transfer live chat

System Messages

The chat portal will display system messages to keep agents and visitors apprised of the transfer status of sensitive information:

Agent Side
[You have requested a Secure Data Transfer from the visitor (Credit Card)]
[Visitor has received the Secure Data Transfer request.]
[Visitor has cancelled the request.]
Visitor Side
[Secure data has been received]

Form Options

Based on the secure data type selected by the agent, the visitor receives a secure embedded form within the chat window where their inputted data is validated, encrypted and sent to the agent using the Submit button.

What the visitor sees:

credit card transfer live chatsocial security collection live chatsecure note live chat

What the agent sees:

agent message secure data transfer

Encryption & Compliance

All communications between web client and the servers are SSL encrypted as well as being encrypted with our own algorithms. All secure data is deleted when a chat is closed and/or transferred, as well as when the chat portal is reloaded by an agent. NO SECURE DATA IS SAVED IN CHAT TRANSCRIPTS.

secure data in chat transcripts

The Secure Data Transfer feature is PCI Compliant.


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