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Before SnapEngage, our chat feature was not robust and prohibited growth. We needed a way to streamline payments. SnapEngage allows us to actually take credit card information in a live conversation. This change alone decreases our time to close and immediately boosted our sales. Especially with COVID-19, processing transactions through chat is the easiest way to facilitate payments.

We are able to make quick adjustments on our Proactive Chat settings. Changing our proactive outreach to 7 seconds has greatly increased our total interactions. The ability to customize Proactive messages on different pages has led to more personal conversations.

As in-person stores are closing, we needed a new way to incentivize our sales team. Sales representatives can continue to virtually sell, even though foot traffic is down.

Chatbots allow us to communicate outages or downtimes across our entire customer base. Our website is the source of truth for clients, so being able to quickly update downtime or outage information has offloaded our teams. The Guide Bot configuration couldn’t have been simpler. The chatbot automatically routes visitors to the store location or internal department that is most helpful. We are looking forward to building out our FAQ list to serve a larger customer base.

Jeff Purcell
Senior Website Developer
Inland Cellular

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