How Check City’s Customer Satisfaction Scores Improved by 15% with SnapEngage

Check City and SnapEngage

Published January 28th, 2021

About Check City

Check City is a lending company that offers a wide variety of financial services including personal loans, check cashing, tax services, title loans, and payday loans online to a broad customer base.

Check City has been helping customers with their finances since 1986 when they first opened as a simple check cashing store in Virginia. As they continued to grow, they quickly realized the role that proactive, digital communication would play in growing their business.


The challenges

The world has changed since Check City first began business in 1986. Now, no matter the size of your company, your online presence, services, and availability is of utmost importance.

As Check City’s business grew, the need for an effective means of digital communication grew too. With a wider customer base and expanding locations, they now had a bigger consumer audience to service and manage.

Check City is a licensed lender in 15+ states with 70+ storefront locations. Along with this wide geographic reach, they have both in-person and online customers. In order to effectively scale, they needed the ability to help all online and in-person customers so all customer experiences are smooth.

50,000+ website visitors each month reach out to Check City for help with their loans and answers to common questions. They also need to follow ever-changing state and federal regulations as a licensed lender. State regulations are also different for each state they operate in.

These constantly changing licensing regulations mean that Check City needs to update their website frequently. This leads to more frequent customer questions as their loan approval processes and underwriting change regularly.

Providing pristine customer experiences to a large customer base both online and in stores also calls for higher confidentiality, security, and privacy. Check City needed a way to connect with customers while keeping customer chats and surveys completely private and confidential.

SnapEngage example on the Check City website


The need for more feedback

In addition to the challenges already mentioned, Check City also needed, like many growing companies, a way to gather more feedback from its customers.

A business can only perform as well as the feedback they have about their product. A company can’t satisfy customers if it doesn’t know their particular needs and preferences.

Key feedback includes:

  • Discovering where customers have problems on the website to ensure those problems are fixed as fast as possible
  • Understanding when stores and website traffic are busiest so they can schedule staff accordingly and be prepared for peak hours
  • Recognizing the types of devices customers use so they can optimize for those platforms
  • Getting notified when issues arise with specific employees who need more training

Trial and error is one way to figure all of this out, but that process takes a long time and often includes more errors than success. It’s far superior to see exactly what’s going on using analytics and data, rather than guessing and hoping you’re right, guessing again when you’re repeatedly wrong, and wasting time fixing and changing the wrong things.

With more customer and website feedback at your fingertips, a business is empowered to be more mindful, self-aware, economical, and successful.

Check City found the solutions they were looking for and the customer feedback they needed with SnapEngage.

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The solution

Since starting a partnership with SnapEngage, Check City has seen great improvements in customer satisfaction, customer service, and their ability to integrate customer feedback. Now, Check City has a direct line to customers that companies need to grow, improve, and succeed.

Check City uses SnapEngage’s chat services to help over 100 customers a day, all on SnapEngage’s highly secure platform. SnapEngage keeps customer chats secure by being compliant with privacy laws within the US.

With SnapEngage, Check City implemented an automatic customer satisfaction survey after each online chat is finished. The insights from these surveys help Check City make vital adjustments and created an overall customer satisfaction increase of 15%.

Check City average survey scores over time

This insight doesn’t just help with face-to-face customer service. It also helps identify problems with the website that customers are repeatedly experiencing so they can be addressed as quickly as possible.

For example, Check City can now identify the high-touch website pages where customers chat most frequently. This helps them identify where on the website Check City customers need the most assistance so they can optimize these pages.

SnapEngage’s chat services and surveys also provide important insights into business trends specific to Check City and its services. Now they can predict peak hours and prepare staff and the site for times of high demand.

Check City is even able to learn what type of device their customers were using, like mobile, tablet, or computer. But that’s not all. They are also able to see what they were using to interface with Check City, like whether they are using android, IOS, Win7, Win10, OS X, Chrome OS, and more. Then they can update their website so that every customer, no matter what platform they prefer to use, has a seamless and easy experience.

Check City chat review

The results

SnapEngage’s product line has empowered Check City to improve overall customer service. More importantly, customer satisfaction scores have increased by 15%.

The customer conversations and surveys that SnapEngage provides gives Check City the clear insights they need to make the right decisions the first time when making improvements, adjustments, and changes.

With SnapEngage, Check City can be successfully self-aware, recognize problems quickly to find fast solutions, analyze their own business trends, and make their processes smoother and less work for everyone involved, staff and customers alike.

Check City chat survey
Wendy Gibson, Contact Center General Manager at Check City

SnapEngage has helped our team operate more efficiently by enabling us to help multiple customers at once. With the ability to service several chats simultaneously we have significantly reduced wait time and improved customer service. Chat allows our customers to leverage another contact method when a phone call might not be possible and we can communicate with our customers over their preferred method of contact.

Wendy Gibson

Contact Center General Manage, Check City

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