Guide Bot: How to Increase Sales With Chatbots

Qualify leads without human capital or pesky web forms

Chatbots take care of an age old problem, web forms. Web forms quickly go from a lead-generating tool to a barrier of entry.

SnapEngage’s chatbot solutions can help. A customizable Guide Bot guides prospects through the sales funnel and works to pre-qualify (or disqualify) leads. 

Best of all, the end result is up to you. Guide Bot conversations can be sent to your CRM or helpdesk, to the correct human chat agent, to a page, or even to another bot. Options are endless. 

Sales teams can focus on higher-quality leads, minimizing repetitive human interactions. Reduce operational costs and increase the quality of communication while building up the sales pipeline.

Chain together dialog trees

How many questions does it take to qualify a lead? A lot. Many questions open up different topics that a salesperson can easily pivot to. Now, the Guide Bot can too. Chain together up to 100 logical steps to create complex dialog trees. 

Create highly-sophisticated, multi-step bots within minutes. Not all prospect conversations are the same. Bot conversations shouldn’t be, either. The Guide Bot opens up the realm of flexibility, allowing leads to drive the conversation. You provide the choices, prospects do the rest. 

Create a Guide Bot in minutes, no coding experience required 

This is not a drill. The Guide Bot can be designed without using developer resources or brushing up on code 101. 

See the Guide Bot come to life with in-app testing. Tweak messaging quickly and further customize the dialog trees by adding routing rules.

Test the Guide Bot without adding payment information. Create bot “rough drafts” to prepare for a future launch. Pay only when the bot is set up to support your unique use case and you’re ready to go live

Keep tabs on the bot. If you see a link in the Guide Bot chain isn’t functioning correctly, easily test and remedy the issues.

Customize messaging

Take customization a step further. Dynamically inject content into bot messages that add further personalization. For example: 

  • “I see you’re interested in [item in cart]. I can help you check out!”
  • Hi there, [first name], welcome back!”
  • Your account expires on [expiry date]. I can help you extend so that you don’t lose service.”

Bots can get a bad reputation for being, well, too robotish. Adding tokens of personalization allows bots to remain automated while delivering individualized solutions.

Route conversations to the most qualified sales team member

The Guide Bot has done its job, the prospect is pre-qualified. It’s time to handoff the qualified lead to a sales rep. Not any sales rep, but the right sales rep. Trigger the Guide Bot to display calendar links for visitors to schedule a demo or call directly from the chat window. Save your agents time while standardizing data that passes through bot conversations. 

Generate automated workflows to your CRM or helpdesk to further reduce agent clicks. Follow-up quickly with pertinent information and create personalized experiences for prospects.

Route Chat Conversations Using GuideBot

Be helpful without seeming like a pesky salesperson 

Allow prospects and customers to self-service. Chatbots can work to understand visitor intent and attempt to provide a solution. Prospects in the research phase must be allowed to search for help without being bombarded by bots or humans. A negative first experience can lead to site abandonment and can even foster a lack of trust moving forward. 

Rather than using the full force of sales resources, create a positive environment with self-service chatbots. We solve this with our Answer bot. A chatbot that is simple to deploy, provides helpful resources, stores conversations, and can take appropriate action is unparalleled.

Create the most personalized chatbot interactions possible 

Truly customize chatbot conversations to each client’s needs. Your customers are all different, shouldn’t you treat them as such? Custom chatbots are the most flexible, powerful ways to integrate bot functionality into your digital customer engagement strategy. 

At SnapEngage, we have the Custom Bot API. Because sometimes, out of the box doesn’t cut it. 

Go beyond answering common questions and integrate custom bots into your overall business to take your engagement and support strategy to the next level. 

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