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We’re excited to announce a new SnapEngage product offering: The Guide Bot. This bot provides an easy way for B2B and B2C companies to capture website visitor information even when no human agents are online and available to chat.

The Guide Bot captures key visitor contact information required for proper follow-up, and after the chat, your sales and support representatives will be able to follow up appropriately. Before chatbots like this were available, website visitors had to submit offline requests when agents were unavailable. Many web visitors that submit offline requests have to rely solely on a minimal form submission confirmation (i.e. “Thank you for your message.”). The Guide Bot provides a more interactive, improved visitor experience via a real-time chat conversation.

Sales and support teams can rely on the Guide Bot to supplement agent resources 24/7/365 during peak and off-hours, and ensure that critical visitor information (like email address) is recorded for timely support and sales follow-ups. Admins seeking additional data about peak activity hours and current staffing gaps can use our Capacity Report feature to assist in the development of an effective chatbot strategy.

Use chatbots to supplement (not replace) human agents

As a best practice, it’s important to keep in mind that chatbots are an incredibly useful tool to supplement team/agent resources, but they should not be considered a full replacement for human chat agents.

The chatbots of today cannot fully replace the in-depth business knowledge, contextual reasoning, critical thinking skills, creativity, empathy, and decision-making skills that your agents already possess. Therefore, it’s recommended to staff sales and support teams with human agents first, and then incorporate chatbots thoughtfully and strategically to enhance existing resources.

Here’s how the Guide Bot works

When you enable the Guide Bot, the bot will appear to website visitors just like another agent. When there are no agents online (such as during off-hours, overnight, etc), your SnapEngage widget will still appear in “online mode” to website visitors, and any incoming visitor chats will be routed directly to the Guide Bot.

When human agents are online but maxed/unavailable per standard agent routing rules and tiers, the Guide Bot takes over to field incoming chats.

This bot works completely out of the box for both proactive and reactive chat, and requires no special installation. All admins need to do is add the bot from the Agent Settings tab. You can use our existing friendly bot avatar, or update the bot’s avatar with any image or logo that more closely matches your branding. Learn more about integrating SnapEngage with your branding strategy.

Stay tuned for new updates and additions to the SnapEngage chatbot offering!

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