An Interview with the SnapEngage Support Team

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on the front lines of chat support?

Dan Mowinski SnapEngageContributed by Dan Mowinski, SnapEngage Sales Team

Who am I talking to in those funny chat boxes anyway? Who are these humans at SnapEngage that are answering my questions? We’d like to introduce you to our support team, and let you know a bit about who they are and what they think about life at SnapEngage.

I’ve interviewed the entire support team to learn more about them. After all, couldn’t we use a little more humanity in the world of online client support?

Even though our support team might not always have the answers you want to hear, or may need to follow up later on complex issues, one thing remains clear. Our team is dedicated to giving our clients the best customer service experience possible, with high emphasis placed upon an efficient, friendly, helpful, and human chat experience. This is what a good chat experience is all about!

I asked them questions to learn about their passions outside of work, why they think SnapEngage is awesome, and what makes a successful support agent. These insights into our team will hopefully make you as enamored with them as we are and open the door for better communication along the way. Let’s learn more about the SnapEngage Support team!


What is one thing that makes SnapEngage better than other chat options?

Our support team wholeheartedly agrees that SnapEngage is comprised of an incredible group of employees who have a passion for helping clients and leading them to success. The team tries their very best to make life easier for clients, but still knows how to have fun and be goofy. Dante enthusiastically commented, “Put me to the test!” – he is ready and willing to help clients with complex support issues.

When employees enjoy going to work every day, the resulting impact on company success is huge and cannot be overlooked. Happy employees that are passionate about the company mission are more helpful to clients and are more willing to jump in whenever necessary when issues arise. If you empower your staff to buy into your mission, their happiness will shine through during chat conversations and will result in improved customer service experiences.


Why should you start a trial with SnapEngage right now?

When asked this question, the support team could barely contain their excitement and answers abounded. All team members agree that there’s no reason to pass up the chance to give SnapEngage a try. The team emphasized the importance of the customer experience and explained that using live chat to interact with prospects and clients is much more efficient than email, resulting in higher customer satisfaction levels.

Efficiency is not the only benefit, however.

“Using [live chat] really helps humanize both your team and your customers and helps both parties bond when they have direct, instantaneous communication,” said Kelsey.

Kevin added that “everyone is always looking for that little extra edge over the competition” and noted that SnapEngage has a variety of out of the box options to give clients the boost they’re looking for.

What makes a successful support agent?

All SnapEngage support team members can agree that empathy ranks among one of the most useful and necessary qualities for those on the front lines of customer support. Without empathy, a support agent will not be able to understand what the customer is going through and will be less likely to provide stellar support. Even if an issue cannot be resolved immediately, a little empathy goes an incredibly long way in reassuring clients and easing their frustrations.  

Mia and Leor both agreed that kindness and patience also go hand in hand with empathy, and are necessary traits for any type of agent working in customer service. It also helps to be a curious person who enjoys solving puzzles and problem-solving.   

It takes a very special type of person to work in customer support and we are incredibly fortunate to have the amazing support crew that we do. At the end of the day, going the extra mile for the customer is what it’s all about. Keep your empathy high, your mission clear, and inject some personality into your agent training. You’ll be well on your way to meaningful interactions with your chatters!  

What is something you can talk about forever?

Our support team includes quite a few movie buffs – pass the popcorn please! While Jon and Kevin love all movies, Mia is obsessed with horror flicks. Most team members have a variety of movie quotes on the tip of their tongue at any moment. While it may not be the best idea to dig into the details of your favorite movie while you’re solving a problem during a chat, a tactful and well-placed movie quote can turn an uptight conversation into a memorable, happier experience.

Our team is also filled with dog lovers, and you’ll often find Kelsey’s two beautiful huskies romping around the office. If you’re into the music scene in Boulder, you can pop in and see Leor’s band playing a show. The support team also includes SnapEngage’s very own dinosaur expert (Dante). If you’re ever chatting with Dante, he’d be happy to tell you about his favorite dinosaurs. We’ve also got some team members that are serious about health, working out, and healing (Addie and Jamie).

It’s clear that the SnapEngage support team loves what they do and enjoys bringing that excitement to customers every day. If you’re ever seeking advice about how to fuel your sales team with hunger to close the sale or make a current client’s day better, just ask our support staff!