3 Patient Engagement Tools to Boost Your Bottom Line

Patient Engagement Tools Drive Revenue from Your Existing Patient Base

Turn customer care into sales by educating your existing patients about your full range of products and services. When you engage with patients more often, you not only increase their loyalty, but also open up opportunities to uncover and resolve additional pain points. And it’s surprisingly simple with the right patient engagement tools.

Existing patients might not be aware of all that you have to offer. It’s up to you to guide them. As existing patients surf your site for one service (e.g. types of insurance you take), suggest an additional, helpful product offering — like a complimentary session with an in-house Physical Therapist. Because you’re offering additional value, patients are more likely to respond.

Educate patients about your services and ask them for feedback


Measurable Goal:

Engage with existing patients more often to drive revenue from your existing patient base.


Introduce your existing patients to your products and services anytime they visit your site with patient engagement tools.


Expand product sales to existing patients and provide a more robust patient experience.

Patient Tools Quickstarter Toolkit

  1. Reinforce patient support with Guide Bot to enhance your ability to engage with site traffic at all hours. When team members are online, they’ll continue having conversations as usual. When they are offline, the Guide Bot will be the front line of defense. You can now boast 24/7 support. 
  2. Seamlessly introduce existing patients to additional services with the chat transfer command. You can enable agents to transfer chats to any department. Because no chat conversation data is lost upon transfer, the receiving agent can pick up right where the previous agent stopped. 
  3. Stay on top of your game with Post-Chat Surveys. You want to know how you’re doing so that you can improve. Surveys offer you learning opportunities to delight patients even more the next time they visit.

3 Patient engagement tools for success recap:


Supplement patient support 24/7/365 with Guide Bot. Scale your ability to support traffic, without scaling your support costs.
Make sure the right team can always have the right conversation with the hyper-flexible chat transfer command.
Gather valuable information about your performance with Post-Chat Surveys.

Patient engagement tools help you create systems for enhancing customer value 

Use design thinking methods to build customer loyalty by organizing your business around patient needs. Growth isn’t just measured by new patient acquisition. Look to your existing patient base to drive revenue and foster customer value with a few versatile tools from SnapEngage.

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