Feature Release: SnapEngage Design Studio Available Now

Feature Release: SnapEngage Design Studio Available Now

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Elevate and Enhance Your Brand with Powerful New Chat Design Tools

Your brand is important. It’s unique. It’s not (nor should it be) confined to a singular image, color, pattern, or name. At SnapEngage, we truly believe the user experience is a culmination of a company’s earnest, varied efforts across all touchpoints large and small – and this includes perception of your brand. We’ve now made it easier than ever to tailor the chat experience to your brand with the recent unveiling of the SnapEngage Design Studio. This exciting new release infuses our customization options with powerful new design tools to help you fully customize your brand’s chat experience.

Design Studio (featuring an intuitive WYSIWYG editor) allows you to create fully customized chat boxes, pre-chat/offline forms, and online/offline buttons directly inside the Admin Dashboard. The result? A seamless user experience from the moment prospects and customers land on your page.

Here are a few tips and tools to help you craft a chat experience that is a clear extension of your brand (we all know you never have a second chance to make a first impression – let’s make it count!).

| Quick Tips for Success |



Ensure that your chat boxes and buttons match your brand’s unique color scheme. Check out this handy tool to find the hex color codes on your website, then use the Design Studio to emphasize key brand colors via the various elements of your chat boxes and buttons. We also have a gallery of color palettes available to fit a variety of website styles (feel free to tweak these further to match your brand).

Take note of how the below custom chat box pulls in the exact purple/green color scheme of the website. Combine this with the option to hide the SnapEngage logo, and the chat box becomes an elegant extension of your brand.




Less is more! (Repeat this to yourself!). Keep in mind that while gathering specific information about your visitor via pre-chat form fields can be an efficient way to help your team qualify a lead or learn more about a support request, it can also inadvertently act as a barrier and dissuade visitors from chatting with you. Try to streamline pre-chat forms by requesting essential information only, and train your sales/support teams to organically gather additional pertinent information during chat conversations.

Website visitors to the Sennder website need to provide only basic information (name, email, and initial question) in order to send an offline request to agents.



Humans (aka every single visitor on your website, unless your dog enjoys surfing the web in his spare time) are programmed to connect with others. It’s basic human nature! Maximize engagement on your website and be sure to add a human element to your chat experience with agent photos. Check out these tips to choose effective agent photos.

The chat box to the left illustrates how agent photos can lend a friendly and more personal feel to the chat conversation.  



Tone is another subtle element of branding that is often forgotten, yet has a major impact on the perception of your brand. Use the Design Studio to craft custom messaging for your chat box and buttons to clearly reflect your brand and own the end-to-end user experience. Whether your brand voice is quirky and conversational or professional and academic, make sure the chat experience conveys your tone effectively.

This chat box showcases this brand’s off-beat, casual tone.