Omnichannel Expansion with Zalo + SnapEngage Integration

Omnichannel Expansion with Zalo + SnapEngage Integration

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We’ve recently expanded our Channels offering with the SnapEngage + Zalo integration. Zalo is one of the fastest-growing mobile messaging applications in Vietnam and was launched by VNG Corporation. As of August 2017, Zalo had over 70 million users concentrated in Vietnam and other areas with large Vietnamese communities (including the United States, Cambodia, France, Australia, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Germany, South Korea, and more).


Explosive growth continues in mobile messaging and online e-commerce

Omnichannel shopping, e-marketplaces, and the continual advancement of social networks have all led online and offline retail to grow at a rapid pace within Vietnam and throughout the world. In fact, the Vietnamese e-commerce market is expected to grow to $10 billion by 2022. Nguyễn Bạch Điệp, the general director of FPT Retail (an IT services company in Vietnam), summed up the evolving market well in a 2018 article and stated:

“The retail industry has seen a rapid change in its business model, from traditional retail to online retail, to serve higher demand from customers. Enterprises that are quick to employ the tools will significantly increase their sales efficiency.”

– Nguyễn Bạch Điệp, General Director, FPT Retail

Businesses with the ability to employ and optimize platforms like Zalo, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, and e-marketplaces in addition to conventional store websites will be much better equipped to serve the changing needs of today’s shoppers. Modern shoppers now prefer the ability to browse and purchase via mobile or even gaming devices (in addition to the traditional desktop) and also prefer the flexibility to choose from multiple application options when making their purchases.

Reach buyers where they are with Zalo + SnapEngage

With the new Zalo + SnapEngage integration, messages sent to your Zalo account from visitors will be automatically directed to chat agents’ Conversations Hub within SnapEngage. All incoming messages to Zalo will be handled just like any other live chat coming from your traditional website. We’ve also made it easy to connect more than one Zalo account with each SnapEngage widget for a more flexible setup.

This new integration streamlines processes and increases efficiency for agent teams, who can now handle both Zalo and SnapEngage conversations directly inside SnapEngage. This means that sales and support agents don’t need to spend their limited time learning another system or switching constantly between two platforms.

The Zalo integration is another exciting expansion to our Omnichannel offering, which also includes a WeChat integration, Facebook Messenger integration, and SMS-to-Chat functionality.