New Analytics Enhancements Provide Better Reporting

Learn more about how our enhanced,
events-based live chat analytics
produce even more precise reporting.

SnapEngage clients may have noticed some recent updates to the Analytics section in the Admin Dashboard. In short, we’ve added some new reports and made improvements to give you more consistent, reliable and accurate data in your reports.

Here’s a breakdown of the new Analytics enhancements:

New data sources for response time reporting

Our new reporting method breaks out actual agent response times from wait and queue times to provide a more accurate representation of the true causes behind visitor wait times.

Prior to the recent updates, we were using time stamps on chat transcripts in the database to determine response times. We came to realize that there were some shortcomings with this approach. Agent response times, in particular, weren’t always telling the complete story. In effect, agents could be unnecessarily penalized for factors outside of their control, such as behind-the-scenes actions (i.e. routing, agent availability checks) and queued chats.

The new reporting method logs a series of events in the chat timeline that allows for more detailed and precise reporting. The updated agent response time report now also accounts for chat transfer times as well.

Benchmark indicators for response and wait times

We all know how impatient people can be, so it goes without saying that response times are a key factor when it comes to visitor engagement. We’ve added new color-coded indicators to help you quickly gauge how your response and wait times are measuring up to industry standards.

Industry best practices recommend keeping chat response times under 20 seconds. With our new color indicators, you can easily view an at-a-glance report of your team’s performance. Response times under 20 seconds are displayed in green, 20-39 seconds are displayed in yellow, and 40 seconds and higher are shown in red.

live chat response time benchmarks

Introducing wait and queue reports

We’ve introduced two new reports to our analytics offerings: wait and queue reports. The new wait time report is a variation on our pre-existing agent response time report. It is portrayed from the visitor’s perspective, showing how long a visitor waits for a response after initiating a chat.

The new queue report will show you how long your visitors are waiting in the queue (when all online agents are at capacity). This report can help identify trends in chat volumes and determine staffing needs during peak hours of the day (or night!).

Each report also allows you to drill down on individual key data points to gather more details around a specific timeframe where you may see outliers. For example, if you see a spike in visitor wait time, you can click on a single data point to determine what may have contributed to the longer wait time and make plans for staffing and/or processes improvements.

live chat wait time report

Don’t worry, the old reports are still accessible!

While these analytics enhancements bring more accuracy to your live chat data, we recognize that it can be difficult to transition to a new data set (especially for reporting purposes). The old reports are still available* for those who wish to combine the new data with historic trend and benchmark reporting.

*Note: We do recommend that you make a plan to transition to the new data, as the old data will be retired at some point down the road (timeline is TBD).

At SnapEngage, we understand the important role that analytics and reporting data play in strategic planning and business decisions. We’ve made analytics a primary focus for product roadmap planning, with many more enhancements to come… this is just the beginning!

Do you have any feedback on these recent updates, or ideas for additional enhancements?
We’d love to hear from you! Please use the comments section below.