How to Unify your Customer Experience

The value of seamless customer engagement from initial contact to final sale – and beyond

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It’s time to evolve chat

Modern chat isn’t only one tool, it’s an integral aspect of a complex communicative ecosystem. Today’s business ecosystem demands organizations to properly address all kinds of customer interactions with non-integrated, specialized tools and strategies. When companies approach the digital space in a way both disjointed and separate, they create a negative experience for customers that erodes satisfaction and balloons churn. A unified customer experience is missing.

In today’s world, online communication isn’t simply a bonus, it’s mandatory. Many businesses annually spend millions attempting to dislodge internal silos and improve all facets of conversation and collaboration. That said, many of these companies also build and buy disjunct and unintegrated technology stacks, further making those exact same silos in the first place. To be competitive in the digital space, it’s mandatory to unify the customer experience and adapt a unified live chat solution.


84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report a causal increase in revenue.


70% of consumers prefer messaging support over calling in by phone.


53% of customers are likely to abandon their online purchases if lacking quick answers to their questions.

Messy systems drive bad customer experience and churn

Brands need to be able to instantly route questions and information between teams and customers. Imagine a current customer of yours asking about a new product, but they also have an issue for your support team. To handle this scenario, the right question has to get to the right expert — whether bot or human — the very first time.

Undertaking a project to digitally transform and unify the customer experience and unify chat is increasingly necessary, but it doesn’t come without risk.

Implement a chat solution designed for a better customer experience

To fully realize the capabilities of chat tools and avoid the gradual eroding of the customer experience, companies must adopt a chat solution that is acutely designed to unify the customer experience.

Why chat needs to be unified

Although once a game changer, the chat solutions of yesterday can no longer meet the requirements of today’s dynamic and hyper-competitive business ecosystem.

Cut exorbitant costs

Most CRMs and Help Desks command multiple, stacking fees. Everything from dual-licensing fees to chat deflection fees balloon costs and drive inefficiency. A unified chat solution connects your team cost-effectively and eliminates these exorbitant costs for redundant services.

Intelligent routing connects your teams and your customers

A connected chat solution unifies customer engagement across all of your company’s touch points, both externally and internally. Intelligent routing directs your customers to the right team, agent, or resource the very first time – no redirection and no cumbersome transfers.


93% of customers are likely to become repeat customers at businesses that provide exceptional customer experiences

Modernize your customer communications with unified live chat

Today’s environment of heightened customer expectations demands implementation of a communication strategy that creates a truly unified customer experience. Provide your customers with a refreshingly simple and delightful journey by deconstructing silos and the barriers between disjunct systems. The best point of integration is at the customer experience level. A unified chat journey focuses first on the customer, and ensures the business as a whole flourishes. 

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