Guest Post: The Competitive Advantage of Integrating Self-Service and Live Chat

Combine live chat with self-service
technology for enhanced CX.

Guest post by Jennifer Spencer of AnswerDash

Studies show 60% of customers hate waiting longer than a minute for support. We have heard the statistics that live chat increases both conversion and customer satisfaction. Now with the rise of self service technology web self-service use has increased to 76% in 2014, up 9% from 2012, Forrester research data shows. You may be wondering if self-service or live chat is more beneficial to your customers, to that, we say why not both?

Looking at this data there is a compelling case for having both self-service and live chat available. Brands that can leverage the benefits of both live chat and self-service can create the best of both worlds CX. Luckily, technology today makes offering both live chat and self-service seamless and creates a distinct advantage for businesses of all sizes.

AnswerDash and SnapEngage have created an integrated solution to do just that. We have found by using both predictive self-service and chat together there are benefits for employees, business, and overall customer experience. AnswerDash customers who use SnapEngage chat can integrate chat in their AnswerDash tab. The result is that it allows customers to put self-service first and easily allow their users to route to assisted service as needed. 

Brands such as RedAwning and have incorporated this integrated technology.


Self-service support empowers customers to find answers on their own terms. But it is not just about providing both self-service and live chat and assume that is enough.

Customers like things that are easy to use and the technology provided needs to reflect that. AnswerDash provides an efficient, dynamic, and usable alternative to the old-fashioned assisted services – the FAQ section and help center.

“The key is focusing on personalization, treating customers as individuals, and empowering them with the right information at the right place and time, ” said Don Davidge, CMO, AnswerDash. “For businesses, self-service acts as a deflection point, helping reduce resource costs associated with live support, while still being able to connect customers with support teams when needed.”

If users are not able to find the answers they are looking for, live chat is readily available to them within the AnswerDash tab.

“Try as we might, we can’t predict every unique challenge that a customer might face when adopting or using a product, said Molly Wojcik, Marketing Director, SnapEngage. “For customers, live chat fills that critical gap when they can’t find answers, but still crave immediacy.”

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