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This report is the result of the comprehensive State of Chat survey we ran in 2020 to better understand our clients’ strategic needs and expectations for 2021.

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What’s Your Live Chat Strategy for 2021?

In 2020, we ran an extensive survey of our clients to better understand their live chat expectations and strategies for 2021. We’ve anonymized and aggregated the results so that we can share these insights with you. Respondents are from a variety of industries, including the Information Technology sector, Consumer Discretionary sector, Healthcare, Communication Services and Non-profit sectors, the Financial, and Industrials and Materials.

It’s important to note that we have defined “SMB” as organizations with 1-500 employees and “Enterprise” as organizations with 500+ employees.

We have found that this breakdown aligns well with how companies implement chat. Those with over 500 employees tend to have far more complex use cases, while those under 500 typically have more focused implementations.


use CSAT to measure chat success


use chat to maximize sales conversions


measure chat agent performance


measure chat success by time to resolution

What Questions Did We Ask?

Top Measures of Success

We asked companies to indicate their top 3 criteria used to evaluate the success of live chat. This allows you to understand the strategic goals for live chat by industry as well as see how you compare to your peers.

Top Goals for Chatbot Usage

We asked clients to rate their top goals using chatbots. Again, we have broken these responses out by sector individually and provided a comparison to the baseline average. This allows you to understand how peers in your industry expect to use chatbots.


Live Chat Channels

Next, we asked clients about which digital channels they currently use to communicate with clients, as well as their plans to add new channels in the coming year. As with the previous question, we have broken out results by sector and company size.


We asked about integrations with our API, custom integrations as well as customer relationship management systems (CRM), helpdesk (ticketing) systems and team chat communication systems. Finally, we also asked about plans to invest in custom integrations using the SnapEngage APIs.

COVID-19 impact

When segmented by company size vs. sectors, it’s interesting to note that larger companies were more likely to see COVID-19 increasing their use of live chat.


Live Chat Use Cases

There are many use cases for live chat, and many SnapEngage clients use chat for multiple purposes. Live chat is incredibly effective throughout the customer journey, we asked companies to indicate the ways in which they had deployed live chat

Live Chat Use Cases

What Industries?

The following industries were involved in the survey:
Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary, Consumer Staples, Energy, Financials, Government, Healthcare, Industrials, Information Technology, Materials, Non-profit and Real Estate.

Download the 62 page 2021 State of Chat report to gain insights into trends in chat from your peers as well as gather ideas for your own chat strategy in 2021.