Release Notes Sept. 23rd: New Hub Sidebar, Analytics improvements, Design Studio button options

Hello SnapEngagers!

Here’s what the development team has been working on in the last couple of weeks:

Analytics Improvements

As part of an ongoing effort to improve our analytics offering, the Overview, Agent Performance Response Time and Duration reports and weekly stats emails are now based on a more accurately calculated “Event” based data set.

  • This improvement is resolving an issue where some responded chats were incorrectly categorized as not responded chats in the reports.
  • We have also improved the previously restricted drill-downs for these reports, so they will return the correct results for larger data sets. Previously the drill-downs were restricted to 100 cases.
  • The weekly stats emails layout and dataset have been updated to reflect the Overview Report online/offline/responded split.

Please note: The new version of analytics relies on a new way of tracking event data. The data set supporting the new version of analytics only reaches back to 01/2018. If you want to look at older historical data before 2018 you can add the parameter ?old to the analytics URL. The new version of the report should not be run on data prior to 01/2018 because the data needed to drive the new report does not exist for that time period. You cannot compare “old” reports to “new reports” for this timeframe (the new report simply doesn’t have data for that period).

New Hub Sidebar

We have released the new improved left sidebar in Hub. Improvements include:

  • Visitor and Team chats are now combined to one view, to make switching between the two sections easier.
  • The background color has been updated to highlight the actual chat transcript column more.
  • The recent chat and team chat sections can be collapsed so agents can better focus on the live ongoing chats

Other Updates

  • Hub:
    • Fixed an issue where Secure Data Transfer data was not removed from Hub immediately after the chat ended and moved to the Recent section.
    • Fixed an issue where the chat history was not accessible in the chat transcript column.
  • Visitor Chat
    • Fixed an issue where proactive chat messages got duplicated in the transcript.
    • Improved the UI of the visitor email transcript function
    • Improved the UI of the post-chat survey feature
  • Design Studio
    • We have added a ‘secondary button’ option to the Chat Box settings to make previously not configurable button colors configurable.
  • Chat Logs
    • We now show the chat history of visitors from Facebook or SMS in the chat cases.