Release Notes November 15: Visitor Verification for Bot API, New Coversation API Events, Logs page update and other improvements

Hello everyone,

here are some updates the developer team has shipped to the chat product in the recent weeks:

Bot API:

We now support visitor identity verification (HMAC) with the Bot API. For more details you can check the Bot API documentation here.

Conversation Events API

We have added additional events to the conversation event API. You can now track these events:

                      1. Conversation Responded
                      2. Conversation Closed
                      3. Conversation Queued
                      4. Conversation Assigned
                      5. Conversation Broadcasted
                      6. Conversation Labeled
                      7. Conversation Transferred
                      8. Conversation Visitor Survey Added

For more details please refer to the developer documentation here

Visitor Chat

We have added an alt-tag to the agent avatar image to improve accessibility and ADA compliance of the visitor chat.

Contacts and Integrations / Custom Mapping:

* Chat agents can now save the visitors name with the “/name = Jon Doe” command in Hub without requiring an email. Previously the email was required to create and save a contact in SnapEngage.

*  The visitors phone number captured automatically captured from the call-me feature is now available in the SnapEngage Phone number field and in the case logs under the visitor phone number field. It is no longer automatically stored as a Label.

Logs Page

* We have updated the Logs page to show the visitor browser and platform information as icons in a single column instead of two. The detailed information is still available on hover and in the CSV exports.

Resolved Issues

* Fixed an issue where the Guide Bot did not assign the configured Label in the first step, when this was configured as a proactive chat prompt.

* Hub navigation slowness/performance issues: We have fixed an issue where chats transferred from a guide bot or approval checker caused some slowness in Hub when opening the chat. If you still experience performance issues with Hub please let us know!

* SSO / Okta: Fixed an issue where the Single Sign On option did not work when exclusive login was enabled

* Fixed an issue where the wrong agent alias appeared in the Logs after a reassignment.

* Autotranslate: Fixed an issue where conversations in the Recent Chats section were not displayed with translations

* Continuous Conversations: Fixed an issue where the continuous conversation system message did not show to the agent after a transfer.

* Proactive Chat: Fixed an issue where the rule did not trigger when accessing a single page app URL after navigating there.