Release Notes November 15th: Bot API Public Beta, Mobile Buttons Option, Hub Starred Chats, Copy Transcripts and other Improvements

Hello SnapEngagers!

Here’s what the development team has been working on in the last couple of weeks:

Bot API Public Beta

We have now made the Bot API Beta available for Professional and Enterprise plans.

The SnapEngage Bot API allows developers to create your own chat bot or build a connection with 3rd party bot providers. Through the API a bot agent can take chats just as a human agent can and perform operations such as sending messages and issuing various commands such as transfers, bans and /goto redirect.

A developer documentation can be found here.

Hub Improvements

  • Visitor Chat: Agents can now copy the chat transcript into the clipboard, along with some additional case information.The option is available in the chat actions during the chat, as well as after the chat:
  • Team Chat: We added a ‘Starred’ chat option so you can pin your most important team chats to the top.
  • We have updated the Hub color scheme to improve the readability.
  • Home Screen: We removed the banner ads and moved the latest news to the front.


Design Studio Mobile Buttons

We have added a feature to add additional mobile buttons to the Design Studio -> Online/Offline Button settings. You can now configure individual button style, type, position settings for desktop and mobile to match your mobile optimised layout:

Other Improvements

  • Security:
    • We have added additional Audit Logs for the Design Studio selection in the Style tab.
    • We have disabled the possibility to allow adding agent and admin accounts to different organisations to increase general account level security.

Resolved Issues

  • Proactive chat: Fixed an issue where certain rule types like language or time of day were being ignored.
  • Visitor chat:
    • Fixed an issue causing problems with the ‘is typing’ notification
    • Fixed issues with sending messages when visitor used Japanese IME Keyboard on Chrome
  • Hub:
    • Fixed some issues with the UI of the new left sidebar
    • Fixed display problems of the agent avatars in the IE11 browser.
    • Fixed an issue where invalid email addresses like [email protected] were misidentified as valid email addresses
    • Fixed messages in team chat not syncing after computer goes to sleep
  • Auto Translate:
    • Fixed an issue where the translations were lost after a transfer
    • Fixed missing time stamps on auto translated messages.
  • Analytics: Fixed analytics filter column not working on IE11