Release Notes Nov. 8: A Dark Theme for Hub, Minimize and SwitchWidget JavaScript Events, Transcript Email copy sent to Agents fix


Hello SnapEngagers,

today we have some exciting updates to share with you.

A Dark Theme for Hub

Chat agents can now select a dark theme in the Hub preferences. This setting can be found by clicking on the agent avatar in the top right corner of the Hub -> Agent Preferences -> Other Settings. Give it a try and come over to the dark side!

Assorted Hub Updates and fixes:

  • We have changed the font and font weight in Hub based on your feedback to improve readability.
  • Improved compatibility with IE11 (we still highly recommend to use a modern browser when using Hub!)
  • Fixed an error showing ‘please refresh page to continue’ in Hub
  • Fixed an issue making text invisible when copy&pasting in Hub
  • Fixed an issue where the inline chat history was linking to the wrong visitor when switching between multiple concurrent visitor chats.


Other Updates:

We have added a few new JavaScript Callback Events to better track visitor engagement with the chat box on your website. Please find the documentation here.

  • Minimize Event: The Minimize event is triggered when the visitor clicks the minimize icon in the chat box, or during live and active chats when they click on the minimized ‘button’ to maximize the chat box.
  • SwitchWidget Event: You must have the widget selector enabled in your Design Studio prechat &/or offline form to utilize this event callback functionality. The switchWidget event is triggered when the visitor has selected a value from the available dropdown list options. It will return the value of the newWidgetId.


  • Email Integration: Fixed an issue where the copy of the chat transcript sent to the chat agents was not sent from [email protected] when configured this way.
  • Facebook Channel: Fixed an issue where the page could not display more than 25 Facebook pages.