Release Notes January 8: Additional status check on button click, Microsoft Dynamics Lookup Data Field Support, Bugfixes

Hi SnapEngagers,

welcome to 2018! Here’s what our dev team has been working on between the years:


  • There is now an additional status check when the website visitor clicks on the online/offline button on the page to open SnapEngage. This will alleviate issues where unexpected offline cases were created.
  • We now support the “Lookup” data type for┬áMS Dynamics integration custom data mapping. The types of lookup fields we support are:
    • Account
    • Contact
    • Customer
  • Added an option to the MS Dynamics Integration that allows the chat agent overriding JavaScript Variables under Custom Mappings with Operator Variables
  • We added the ability to hit enter on the keyboard to search the intelligent pre-chat.

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed an issue where the name/alias was cutoff from the chat box for the visitor on FireFox and IE10
  • Fixed a problem where the embedded Dashboard was not working in the Chat Portal.
  • Fixed an issue where the SnapEngage.sendTextToChat() API showed as visitor comment instead of agent comment to the visitor.
  • Fixed an issue for when the visitor is being redirected by the agent to another page, the message they have already written persists in the message input area.
  • Fixed an issue where the Analytics Widget Selection Filter did not allow proper scrolling to the bottom.
  • Fixed an ‘overriding’ warning where there was no ability to save Hubspot integration if different widgets use same integration.