Release Notes February 21st 2020

Hello SnapEngagers,

we have been overdue with an update of our recently released updates, changes and fixes we have worked on besides the recently announced Guide Bot (Beta) and HIPAA SMS features.


  • Channels: We added an option to identify individual Facebook users in the CSV Logs export with their Facebook ID.
  • Analytics: Added a percentage number to the Availability Report to see at a glance what % of time agents were in the Online VS Paused status.
  • Hub: We have moved the “+ Start new Team Chat” option to the top of the left side team chat column so the option is easier to find for agents that have a lot of ongoing team chats already.

Resolved Issues:

  • Security:
    • Resolved a cross-site scripting issue on our signin page which was reported by Sohail Shaikhm, Certified Penetration Tester.
  • Analytics:
    • Removed the ‘gmtDate’ and ‘localDate’ fields from Analytics -> Agent Performance -> Response -> Agent report export.
    • Availability report: Fixed an issue where the online hours in range was showing 0
  • Hub:
    • Resolved an issue where a message typed but not sent in one chat was visible in the next chat when switching between the two using keyboard shortcuts.
    • Applied a number of improvements to the loading time of Hub for agents configured on a high (100+) number of widgets
    • Resolved an issue where Hub showed the home screen when clicking on the ‘load more chats’ button in the sidebar.
    • Resolved an issue with Hub not loading on IE11
  • Visitor Chat: 
    • Fixed an ‘unexpected token’ error when a single quote mark was used in the pre-chat greeting message.
    • Fixed an issue where the visitor JavaScript was polling for new messages after an offline form submission.