Release Notes February 15th: Zendesk ticket creation on behalf of agent, File uploads for Salesforce integration, map who ended the chat, Ban button fix

Hello SnapEngagers,

there’s a lot going on these days here in SnapEngage, here’s some of what our dev team has been working on the last weeks:


  • The Zendesk integration will from now on create tickets on behalf of the agent who had the chat instead of the administrator, if the agent mapping is enabled.
  • The Salesforce integration is now receiving files uploaded through SnapEngage directly attached to the ticket.
  • We have added an option to map how the chat ended in the Integrations -> Custom Mappings section. (the values can be: agent, visitor, timed_out,  no_agents_found).
  • HIPAA Update: We have deactivated the ‘Channels’ tab to connect Facebook or SMS on HIPAA enabled accounts to guarantee compliance with this framework.

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed an issue causing the ban button not to work anymore. Here the ban cookie was not called anymore while the \banip command to ban the IP address was still functional.
  • Fixed an issue with Proactive chats causing certain integration mappings not to work.
  • Fixed an issue with adding drop-down selectors to the Design Studio