Release Notes December 23rd: CSV export for all users, Hub Logout and Syncing Improvements

Hello SnapEngagers,

Here are the latest changes that applied to the system in the last weeks:


  • A new CSV export of all agents and sub-admins: An account owner now has the option to download a “Full User Report” of all users across all widgets as a CSV file in the My Account > My Info section.
  • Admin Dashboard:
    • Proactive Chat: We have improved the UI for the proactive configuration modal in preparation for an upcoming feature release. Stay tuned for updates!
    • We have increased the audit log events for changes to the Design Studio tab to include the selection of a different design.
    • We have updated and improved the UI of the subscription and payment page.
  • Bot API:
    • Improved the performance of the initial message query to the bot to speed up the first bot response.
  • Chat Box:
    • Moved the call-me button to the input menu (This option was temporarily in the old position at the bottom of the box outside of the menu).
  •  Hub:
    • Improved the login speed for accounts set up on a very high number of widgets.

Resolved Issues:

  • Hub:
    • Fixed an issue where the system did not immediately register when an agent logged out of the Hub. The “logout” option will now log the agent out of all Hub sessions they were logged in to, across windows and tabs.
    • To avoid missing visitor chat messages we have improved the syncing behaviour of Hub when an agent intermittently loses their connection.
    • Also improved the team chat message syncing.
    • Fixed an issue where agent links were not resolved correctly in the right side column.
    • Fixed the infinite scroll on team chats.
    • Fixed an UI issue with the Knowledge Base search box and file upload request modal.
    • Fixed an UI issue with the Survey Score modal.
  • Microsoft Dynamics integration: Fixed an issue where the ‘Topic’ field in Dynamics was not updated by the custom data mapping selection
  • Proactive Chat: Improved the admin dashboard performance when a high number of proactive chat rules are configured
  • Auto Translate: Fixed an issue where auto-translated messages were missing for a transferred chat.
  • Analytics:
    • Fixed Agent Performance – Transfers Report – drill down by agent not displaying chats.
    • Fixed two issues with Visitor Experience – Queue Report:
      Chats in Queue vs Total Count report drill down showing the wrong selection of chats.
      (Notice: The Hourly Average Time in Queue and Visitor Queue Time Binned Report are currently not yet updated and remain to be fixed.)
      Queue report graph was showing the queued chats outside the top of the report.