Release Notes Dec 18, 2020: New Guide Bot Email, Phone and Free Text Capture Options, Design Studio Logo Link

Hello SnapEngagers,

here are the last release notes of the year! The development team wishes everyone happy holidays and new year.

New Guide Bot Info Capture Options

We have added new data capture capabilities to the Guide Bot.

It now is also able to capture the following formatted and free-form information:

Email address

Using the Email prompt step type will prompt a text field to appear where the visitor can enter an email address. This will attach the email address to the chat or a label.

Phone number

Using the Phone prompt step type will display a text field to the visitor so they can enter a phone number. This is captured and associated with the chat. The number will be validated as long as the visitor enters a number between 4 and 20 integers.

Free-text responses

Using the Free text prompt step type allows website visitors to enter free text. This allows the visitor to respond freely to a prompt from the Guide Bot and supports all kinds of sales and customer service scenarios (such as leaving an offline message, inputting a question, etc).

New Guide Bot Templates

We have also added 2 new templates to help you get started with these new data collection types.

You can find additional information in this help document.


Other improvements

* Guide Bot & Answer Bot: Improved the UX for the offline message for the visitor. The input area is now hidden if the selected option is not available, so the visitor will not re-start the chat by mistake.

* Design Studio: It is now possible to add a link to your custom logo image.

This option can be found under Global Box Settings > Footer, and is available on Enterprise plans.

* We have added an agent mapping option to the Bot API. If you are using an integration that supports agent mapping, you can now map bot chats to a specific account in your integration.

* We have added the Analytics Bots and Labels section to the Permissions, so so a sub-admins access can be added or revoked

* Hub: Improved the recovery mechanism if the agent is on a flaky network, to avoid missed messages or chats.

* HIPAA Accounts: We have removed the “JavaScript Variables” section from the emails sent with the email integration for HIPAA clients, to avoid potentially exposing PHI in an unsecure channel. The information will still be available on the case behind the login.

Resolved Issues

* Design Studio: Resolved an issue where the high contrast pallets had some white on white text. Also resolved an issue where the Design Studio failed to save a setting to un-hide the online/offline chat button.

* Resolved an issue where the reactive prompt message was logged in the transcript for proactive chats.

* Resolved an issue where labels could be logged in the wrong widget, if an agent had two chats from two different widgets in their Hub at the same time.