Release Notes April 18th: A New Agent Status and Event API, New Chat Bot API Beta, New Approval Bot Button UI and New Chat Logs Transcript Design

Hello SnapEngagers,

it has been a while since my last update, the dev team has been really busy and released on a number of great new features and improvements in the last few weeks.

New Agent Status and Case Event APIs

Our Agent status API provides you with the ability to send and receive status information from and to SnapEngage.

At the same time, The case event API allows you to receive information on when an agent receives a chat and when the chat is closed.

An example use case would be to integrate SnapEngage with a PBX or phone system and automatically pause the agent on SnapEngage when they receive a phone call, or in the phone system when a chat started. You can read more about this feature here.

Chat Bot API Beta

We are currently testing a new Chat Bot API in ‘closed Beta’. If you would like to be part of this Beta please email [email protected]!

This API allows you to create your own chat bot, or build a connection with 3rd party bot providers. Through the API the bot can take chats from your website visitors, respond to messages with text messages or button options, transfer to a group of agents, to a widget, a specific agent, etc.

You can read more about the API here in our help docs.

New Chat Logs Transcript Design

We have applied a new UI for the chat transcripts in the Logs section. The visitor email, page of the chat and the time stamp has been made more prominent, and the rest of the information moved to a column to a right side column, similar to the Hub layout. This is a first update to the design which we plan to improve further based on your feedback, so please let us know what information is most important for you.

New Approval Bot Button UI

Alongside with the Bot API we have added a button UI for the visitor chat. This option is also already automatically enabled for the Approval Bot as a much more user-friendly way to accept or decline the initial opt-in question.

Other Updates and fixes

  • Improved the stability of the chat lifecycle logic to resolve some issues where chats were stuck in the queue or closed chats appeared to be “stuck” for some agents in Hub. We are currently still working on more under the hood improvements to the Hub to alleviate this further and will release an update shortly.
  • Fixed an issue with the Hub favicon notifications not clearing out for closed chats
  • Visitor Chat:
    • Improved the “agent says…” tab title notification behavior on the visitor side, to detect if the tab is in focus.
    • Fixed an issue where the chat was not showing an error to the visitor when no agent is available.
    • Improved the chat on iOS where the page scrolled the top when the chat was used.
    • Improved support for Japanese keyboards on Internet Explorer 11