Release Notes April 17: Guide Bot Button support for Facebook & SMS channels, Widget Distribution Feature



  • The Guide Bot button option is now supported with our Facebook and SMS channel integrations. In the SMS channel the user will be prompted to indicate their choice with a number: ”(1) sales (2) support” etc.
    Find out more about the Guide Bot Beta here.

  • We have released the new Widget Distribution feature from the closed Beta stage with an improved UI.
    The Widget Distribution tool allows you to have an origin widget installed on your site and use it as a funnel to distribute chats to other widgets.
  • Bot API: There is now an option to add a “button ID” to the buttons in the visitor chat box.
  • We have added Co-Browse feature specific messages to the ‘configure messages’ section so these can be customized or translated.
  • When the option to ‘Require sign in to view support request’ is enabled, chat agents configured in the widget can now view these transcripts as well, not just administrators.
  • We have improved the ‘Is Typing’ notification for all bots at the beginning of the chat, so the notification shows faster before the routing/assignment process.

Resolved Issues

  • Addressed a potential security issue, where an internal configuration endpoint could have been used by a logged in user to view the widget configuration of a different account.
  • Guide Bot: Fixed an issue when the guide bot proactive invite included a widget transfer button option
  • Bot API: Fixed an issue with the bot button message ID not being set correctly.
  • Hub: Fixed an issue where the ‘Agent Links’ section sometimes did not update when toggling between chats.
  • Fixed an issue where the chat case data was removed, when the option to ‘delete case data after it has been sent to the integration’ was enabled but sending the case to the integration failed.
  • Fixed an issue with the sub-admin permissions configuration: When the “Shortcuts” tab permission was set, the “Widget Distribution” feature was visible.
  • Fixed an issue with the Zendesk integration when a subdomain redirect is in place on the Zendesk app.
  • Fixed an issue where when “Notify all agents of each incoming chat” was enabled, agents who missed a proactive invite did not get auto-paused

Deprecation Notice

  • We are sunsetting the ‘Intelligent Pre-Chat’ feature going forward in favour of a new improved feature. This option will be announced soon. We will maintain support for current users of the intelligent pre-chat for the time being.
  • We have removed the and UserVoice knowledge base integrations after the discontinuation of these tools.