Easing Visitor Frustration on 404 Pages

Keep visitors on your site longer with 404 proactive chat

It’s an all too common occurrence. You’re smoothly navigating through a website when all of a sudden, you land on the dreaded 404 page. As a visitor, it’s a super frustrating experience. For businesses, it can result in a lot of lost opportunity.

While there are some measures that website owners can take to prevent 404 errors, several 404 culprits are beyond a website administrator’s control, such as a visitor mistyping a URL.

One creative way to reduce 404 abandonment is by leveraging proactive chat triggers.

Adding a proactive chat trigger to your 404 page

Rather than leave your visitors to figure out how to find the content they’re looking for, why not lend a guiding hand? Sure, you can suggest alternate links or prompt user-defined searches, but if they don’t find it after the first attempt, you’ve most likely lost them for good.

With SnapEngage, you can easily add a proactive chat trigger to your 404 page, immediately inviting visitors to start a chat for assistance.

404 proactive live chat

Best practices when configuring your 404 proactive chat trigger

Visitors often feel like they’ve hit a dead end when arriving at a 404 page. With proactive chat, you have the opportunity to turn a potentially annoying experience into a positive brand interaction. Here are some tips to help you set up effective proactive chat triggers on your 404 page.

Respond Quickly

With live chat, immediacy is always important, but it’s even more crucial on a 404 page. Be sure to stay away from any delays on your proactive chat rules so your chat invitation fires immediately when a visitor lands on the page.

Educate & Guide

Depending on your audience, many visitors may not know what ‘404’ means or why they’ve arrived at this page. Compose your message so that you are both informing them of why they are receiving this message and also offering guidance to get them to the page they’re looking for.

Install Across All Widgets

If you are leveraging multiple chat widgets (with different code), be sure that you set up 404 proactive chat triggers across all web properties where you have chat installed. This will ensure that visitors receive your chat invitations when arriving at 404 pages across your marketing, blog, support and other sites.

Ready to get started?

Check out our guide to set up proactive chat on a 404 page