New Patient Acquisition With Conversational Technology

Live chat and healthcare

Chat is becoming a preferred communication method for patients in healthcare. In many cases, HIPAA-compliant chat is the best real-time communication option for patients in cases where privacy, speed and convenience are critical.

The name of the game: increase your pool of new clients quickly.

But you’re busy. Quick wins are often the best option.

Live chat doesn’t have to take weeks of time to enable on your website. In fact, some healthcare clients are up and running in as little as 3 business days. Give patients the immediacy they deserve and are already familiar with, and start chatting today.



Quickstarter toolkit 

We recommend having a few handy tools in your toolkit, some of which you may already have. 

1. Professionally represent your practice with your own team members. Your team are the experts. Showcase your expertise across all patient communications, and provide a personal and delightful website experience the first time.

2. Streamline the new patient process with Proactive chat.

If live chat is a medical bag, then proactive chat is the stethoscope. Or the thermometer. It’s the tool you can get the most bang for your buck with, the one you use most often.

That’s because proactive chat allows you to customize messages to proactively trigger to website visitors. Do more than chat with site visitors, engage them at the right time and place with targeted messaging.

3. Customize and unify all conversations with Shortcuts.

Shortcuts provide an instant library of quick chat messages for chat agents to use. Shortcuts reduce response time so you can spend more time helping site visitors ultimately schedule an appointment.

Bonus: a common use case for shortcuts is as a frequently asked questions (FAQ) tool. 


Sample workflow

sample workflow

Build your live chat toolkit


Start communicating with more patients today. Conversational technology is no longer just an option, it’s a necessity. Patient trust and confidence are of the utmost importance. Show patients and site visitors alike that you care about them. We at SnapEngage believe in the power of conversations. If you don’t have live chat already, now is the time.