Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: March 2022

Product enhancements

In March we officially launched Supervisor! Supervisor is a powerful real-time chat performance monitoring and agent management tool. With Supervisor, managers/supervisors can unobtrusively monitor active conversations across widgets, privately whisper suggestions to agents, and even take over a conversation if further escalation is needed.

Contact your Account Manager or Client Success Manager to learn more about the new Supervisor/Whisper feature and receive an in-depth demo.

•  Supervisor: Improved and unified the overall UI styling for different types of Sneak Peek messages to improve the user experience.
•  Supervisor: Added support for basic emojis.
•  Supervisor: Improved the logic that controls the yellow whisper icon which is displayed in the Logs’ new “Supervisor Whisper” column. Now, this indicator displays if the case contains a supervisor and/or an agent whisper.
•  Supervisor: Added the ability to collect Supervisor feedback directly inside the Hub so that users can quickly and easily submit actionable data and timely feedback to Messaging and Live Chat Product and UX team to inform future Supervisor enhancements and improvements.
•  Supervisor: Improved and updated the UI for JavaScript variables on the Visitor Details panel.

Bug fixes

•  Supervisor: Addressed a bug where the Supervisor whisper numerical indicator was not always displayed or displayed inconsistent date after a chat transfer.
•  Supervisor: Addressed a bug where sometimes the Supervisor view did not properly display all messages sent from the agent to the visitor.
•  Addressed a bug where the “Live chat transfer to…” text was not displayed properly in the Hub left side panel.
•  Addressed a bug where the Hub alert setting “Only New Chat and @ Mentions” did not work during chat transfers.
•  Addressed a bug where sub-admin permissions were not working correctly on some newly created widgets.
•  Addressed a bug where phone numbers were not always appearing during SMS-to-Chat for certain clients.
•  Addressed a bug where Auto Translate did not work properly for reactive chats using a pre-chat form.
•  Addressed a bug where some clients using the SAP integration were not properly receiving a copy of the conversation by email.
•  Addressed a bug where some users logging in with SSO (using Exclusive Login via SAML) were displaying incorrect last login dates.
•  Addressed a bug where Auto Translate did not always work with proactive messages.