Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: February 2022

Product enhancements

•  Supervisor Beta: Added the ability for supervisors to label conversations in the Supervisor view, so that they can segment and disposition conversations and trigger downstream workflows.
•  Supervisor Beta: Added the ability for supervisors to pin/unpin a chat in the Supervisor Live Monitor for improved ease of use and to enable monitoring of the highest priority conversations.
•  Supervisor Beta: Enhanced the Hub tab/favicon indicators of a visitor message, so that supervisors (who are also set up as agents) will receive notifications for incoming visitor chats while they are in Supervisor mode. This enhancement ensures that supervisors can continue to provide excellent customer service and prevents missed chats.
•  Made various improvements to the Dark Theme UI.
•  Completed various tasks to support the ongoing migration to the latest Java 11 technologies.

Bug fixes

•  Supervisor Beta: Addressed a bug where the Supervisor “is watching” icon did not always accurately reflect which supervisor(s) are watching in real-time.
•  Supervisor Beta: Addressed a bug where supervisors were unable to view active conversations being handled by a bot.
•  Supervisor Beta: Addressed a UI bug where certain icons did not properly disappear from view while filtering chats.
•  Addressed a bug where some surveys appeared to have duplicate public IDs.
•  Addressed a bug where a Guide Bot which is set up to transfer to an API Bot failed to transfer due to an error.