Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: December 2021

Product enhancements

•  Supervisor Beta:Disabled the whisper input area for Recent chats.
•  Added the ability for users to scroll and view extra-long images in the chat window
•  Supervisor Beta: Added the ability for supervisors to claim/transfer a chat to themselves.
•  Supervisor Beta: Added whisper message count indicator to the agent Hub “Live” view column to make it easier for agents to see when a supervisor has sent a whisper message to them.
•  Supervisor Beta: Added the ability for agents to toggle between “Whisper” and “Reply” mode.
•  Added the ability to use the Provisioning API to set hours of operation for a widget.

Bug fixes

•  Supervisor Beta: Addressed a bug experienced by Supervisor Early Access participants where the whisper functionality did not function properly during specific conversations.
•  Integrations: Addressed a bug where the HubSpot custom mapping was not sending data properly.