Messaging and Live Chat Release Notes: April 2022

Product enhancements

•  Guide Bot Images: Added the ability to render an image alongside the bot prompt during bot configuration.
•  Guide Bot: Added the ability to save progress during bot setup/configuration without exiting the bot configuration screen in order to have a smoother and faster bot setup experience.
•  Guide Bot: Improved the bot configuration screen and added a minimized step view for better scalability. This enhancement is particularly useful for clients who have very complex bots with many steps. Now, users can easily expand or collapse individual bot steps and can also use a new “Expand All / Collapse All” button to determine how the bot configuration is displayed.
•  Guide Bot: Improved the “Transfer to widget” dropdown list by alphabetizing the results so that admins can more quickly locate the desired widget name.
•  Salesforce Integration: Upgraded Salesforce integration to use Version 54 which was released in Spring 2022 to ensure we remain compatible with the latest available version.
•  Supervisor: Added an enhancement to display the visitor’s phone number during SMS conversations.
•  Hub SDK: Improved the ability for the Hub SDK to handle transfer events (i.e. when an active conversation is transferred to another agent). The Hub SDK will now send all Hub SDK events up to the transfer event.
•  Hub SDK: Added the ability for admins to configure an Agent Link that is persistent in the agent Hub so that agents can view an iframed third-party application inside the Hub and extend the Chat Hub web application.
• Performed post-Objectify migration cleanup actions as part of the ongoing technical initiative to migrate to Java 11.

Bug fixes

•  Addressed a bug where clicking the Logs ‘Previous’ button incorrectly reverted the displayed logs to the most recent logs instead of displaying the logs for the selected time period.
•  Addressed a bug where the HubSpot integration’s third Update and Overwrite setting was not working properly.
•  Addressed a bug which sometimes caused an inability to properly save when using the Guide Bot “Qualification & Routing” bot template.
•  Addressed a bug where the agent Hub did not load completely for certain clients.