Introducing: Chat Portal Widget Switcher

As an super star agent, it’s not uncommon to be assigned to multiple widgets such as sales and support and to have those widgets configured to use different integrations, like Salesforce and UserVoice. So what do you do when a sales chat actually turns out to be a support chat, or vice versa? One thing you can do is to transfer the chat to another agent on the sales or support widget. However, since you know your stuff and would rather keep the chat it’d be really handy if you could simply transfer the widget to yourself on another widget or better yet, simply “switch” the widget the chat is on. Well now you can do just that using our widget switcher option in the Chat Portal. Here is how it works:

* When a chat comes in the name of the widget it’s associated with is displayed. To the right of widget name is a little downward facing arrow that when clicked on shows the list of widgets that you as an agent are also configured on:






* When you click on any of the widget names the current chat is switched to that widget. What happens then is that all widget specific settings such as shortcuts, knowledgebase and integrations are applied to your chat.

From Sales:






to Support:





Now next time you have a chat that you want keep but know that it isn’t on the correct widget use the widget switcher.

If you have any questions about this or any other feature let us know!