Improved Visitor Chat History in the Chat Portal

Introducing a more complete and accessible chat history for agents

closed chat historyAgents are no longer limited by their Chat Portal browser session to access their recent closed chat history. Our newest release makes visitor chat history more readily available to agents within the Chat Portal. While complete chat transcript log history remains restricted to the Account Administrator, we recognize that agents often need to refer back to recent visitor chats to view what was said and plan follow-up actions.

The new ‘Closed Chats’ tab within the Agent Chat Portal displays a history of all visitor chats that occurred over the past two days, chronologically ordered from most recent to oldest. So now agents can easily scroll through recent chats, click on a chat session and view the complete chat transcript right in the Chat Portal window.

closed chat history

The Closed Chats tab also features an easy click-and-drag, expandable view, so you can extend and collapse your chat channels to accommodate your viewing preferences. Each visitor chat will also display a small icon indicating where the chat transcript was sent, based on your integration setup. (In the above example, the mail icon next to ‘[email protected]’ indicates that the chat transcript was sent to the email address configured within the email integration settings.)

We’d love to hear your feedback on this feature. Leave a comment below, email us or start a chat to let us know how we’re doing.