Feature Release: Capacity Report

Feature Release: Capacity Report

by | Oct 19, 2017

Maximize staffing efficiency by viewing a breakdown of chat volume alongside team capacity for enhanced resource management

Our Analytics & Reporting offering now includes a comprehensive Capacity Report to help admins make informed staffing decisions that improve the visitor experience. The Capacity Report provides valuable insights that admins can use to help determine how to best allocate limited resources, optimize staffing budgets, appropriately schedule front-line staff, and support a satisfactory customer experience.

Enhance Visitor Experiences with Capacity Reporting

When an interested prospect lands on your website, the last thing you want is for them to get stuck in a chat queue (or unable to chat) because your sales team isn’t adequately staffed for that particular time period. This user experience is frustrating and creates a poor first impression of your business in a swift-moving medium where first impressions mean everything.

The same situation carries over to current clients. Businesses that strive to provide quality customer experiences must plan and staff accordingly to ensure that all customer inquiries and issues are addressed in a timely manner. When a customer experiencing an issue finds that chat is unavailable or is placed into a waiting queue, their frustration is compounded.

Admins can avoid negative situations like this by using the new in-depth Capacity Report to better determine how to balance current staffing resources with chat volumes based on historical data. The Capacity Report displays a color-coded 24/7 breakdown of chat volumes combined with team capacity thresholds to help admins discover trends and pinpoint times of peak activity.

Maximize resources; anticipate future needs

The Capacity Report consolidates historical data for the given time period to help admins identify specific days and time periods where chat may be overstaffed or understaffed. Identifying these trends makes it easier for admins to determine when and how to make staffing changes to meet customer demand while ensuring that staffing dollars and resources are allocated wisely.

This report makes it easier than ever for admins to pinpoint time periods where chat volumes have reached levels near max capacity, in addition to pinpointing the busiest, critical time periods when chat volumes have fully exceeded available team capacity (resulting in chat queues and longer visitor wait times). Admins can use these insights to better plan resources in an effort to reduce visitor wait times and maximize staffing budgets.

Read the full help guide to learn more about how team capacity thresholds are calculated. This feature is now available exclusively for Plus and above plans.