Coronavirus Symptom Checker Bot

Bot answering questions from four different people


Help people determine their Coronavirus symptoms and risk with chatbots. The beauty of chatbots is their levels of customization and uptime. This is particularly helpful when diagnosing rapidly changing scenarios. We created a ready-to-use Coronavirus Symptom Checker bot designed to support healthcare organizations around the world to reduce Coronavirus impact. In times where human resources are extremely valuable, software platforms, automation, and SMS messaging can make a difference. Chatbots can work independently, delivering high-quality care to identify Coronavirus symptoms and provide further assistance. If patients require further care, the Coronavirus Symptom Checker bot will leverage human chat teams for clinical follow-up.

Stay connected while staying apart

and live chat options provide critical support when it comes to identifying symptoms. Both solutions allow individuals to stay home. Whether mandatory or not, quarantine is happening across the globe. People cannot or do not want to leave their homes. Getting critical healthcare should be a non-negotiable.

People are turning to the web for answers. Connect with patients where they already are, and provide assistance to those who may feel vulnerable. The Coronavirus Symptom Checker bot also allows patients who are not at the highest risk to stay home, reserving much-needed hospital capacity for those most in need. 

Time is of the essence when it comes to Coronavirus symptoms. That’s why the Symptom Checker bot comes complete with questions poised to identify potential risks. Provide peace-of-mind, escalate cases, and help people identify Coronavirus symptoms and risks, all online.

Evolve quickly with tailor-made solutions

The healthcare industry has had an influx of patient inquiries due to the Coronavirus. At times when human capital is extremely valuable and time is of the essence, automation is vital. Manage requests quickly and effectively with the use of the SnapEngage COVID-19 Symptom Checker bot. The Coronavirus Symptom Checker bot is designed to: 

  • Virtually ask patients about symptoms, ensuring patients do not have to leave the house
  • Automate the patient process, allowing healthcare professionals to stay hyper-focused on most significant tasks 
  • Escalate patients to a healthcare professional as needed
  • Immediately make an impact, with a 30 minute onboarding 

Pivot quickly with Coronavirus Symptom Checker bot

Technology solutions, including the COVID-19 Symptom Checker bot, are designed with flexibility in mind. Utilize all resources at your disposal to ensure human capital is being tasked with only the most important duties. 

Mold the Symptom Checker bot to tailor to any health condition with customized messaging and routing options. Most importantly, enjoy assistance on set-up and automation creation. Utilize SnapEngage professional services and onboarding assistance to create a personalized and innovative chatbot experience that will provide the most value to patients.

Customized solutions with Professional Services

Technology serves high-quality information

SnapEngage partner, XSELL Technologies is focused on delivering support during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“XSELL Technologies understands the challenges many businesses are facing right now and stands ready to assist. XSELL is able to partner with businesses to rapidly deploy online specialist augmentation, empowering organizations to engage with customers to distribute and disseminate more accurate information consistently to people.”

~ Kathy Cambridge, Vice President, Client Success, XSELL Technologies

As the number of cases increases, so will the need for Coronavirus symptom checks. Automated screening tools, like the Symptom Checker bot, enable the healthcare industry to reserve human capacity and resources for those in need of immediate care.

The situation is quickly evolving. Stay tuned for continuous innovations, and stay safe. Contact SnapEngage to learn how we can help your business reduce the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and easily identify Coronavirus symptoms.